Focus on: Breaking Barriers

In this issue, we examine the power of breaking barriers. Management Professor Ian MacMillan, in a new book with a colleague, provides a set of breakthrough strategies for finding hidden growth opportunities through “MarketBusting.” We look at a new program in strategic R&D management that takes a broader view of the role of R&D in the firm. We also examine the intersections of finance and marketing and look at the changing roles of Chief Compliance Officers.

What are the barriers you need to break through to propel your business and career forward?

ID: 65975, Published in The New Yorker January 27, 2003

Thought Leaders

For many years, Wharton Professor Ian MacMillan has been challenging executives at Wharton to create breakthrough strategies for growth. Now he and colleague Rita Gunther McGrath have brought together a set of 40 powerful “MarketBusting” moves in a new book. More

In the Classroom
R&D Takes on a More Strategic Role

In pharmaceuticals and other industries, taking a strategic view of R&D can reduce the impact of inevitable failures and increase the value of the firm, according to a study by the academic director of a new program on strategic R&D management. More

Thought Leaders II
Quantifying Marketing Impact

Is it worth it for Starbucks to invest $40 million to reduce wait times and gain more satisfied customers? Since each highly satisfied customer generates $3,000 in sales over eight years and each unsatisfied customer only $200 per year, it turned out that the answer was "yes." By connecting the dots between marketing investments and financial outcomes, companies can make better marketing decisions, writes Wharton Professor David Reibstein, academic director of Wharton's Marketing Metrics program, in a recent column in CMO Magazine.

Industry-Specific Programs
The Rising Importance of Compliance

With scandals and new regulations, compliance has moved to center stage for financial services firms. Douglas Shulman of the NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers) discusses changes in the role of the Chief Compliance Officer and a Wharton/NASD program designed to meet the new demands. More

Richard Shell Presents
Secrets of Great Negotiators Unveiled at World Negotiation Forum

Professor Richard Shell unveils the secrets of great negotiators at the World Negotiation Forum, with Madeleine Albright, Herb Cohen, and others. More

Wharton School Publishing
WSP Examines Advocacy, Leadership, and Design

This month, Wharton School Publishing is featuring three books from leaders in the fields of marketing, leadership, and product development. These works — Donít Just Relate Advocate, Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer, and The Design of Things to Come — are must-reads for anyone who deals with the challenges of todayís business environment. More

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ID: 67951, Published in The New Yorker August 18, 2003

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