Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate (SDRM)

Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education, in conjunction with Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), is pleased to introduce the Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate, a specialized certificate for business leaders looking to expand their leadership skills.

Offering a combination of Wharton’s academic and research expertise with SDG’s 35 years of real-world management consulting experience, the Certificate offers mid-career professionals the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills with a focus on making decisions under uncertainty. The concepts and tools acquired while earning the certificate empower participants to make value-creating, defensible decisions and to manage risk for competitive advantage.

The curriculum consists of a number of short individual programs in topics including strategy development, innovation, risk management, negotiation, and leadership. Participants select programs that best accommodate their interests and professional development needs. Those who complete the certificate program will be better able to:

For More Information

To apply to the certificate program, visit SDG’s website.

To learn more, contact Patty Harris or Kristen Pratt of SDRM, by email or at +1.650.475.4300.

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  • Make sound decisions under pressure
  • Use innovation and design thinking to generate better alternatives
  • Understand enterprise risk from the shareholder perspective
  • Gain true commitment from all team members to foster effective execution

Participants must submit an application to the overall certificate and submit an application for each individual Wharton program. To complete the Certificate, participants must take the following Wharton and SDG programs:

For the SDG electives, these are the eligible courses:

For the Wharton electives, these are the eligible programs:

No Alumni Affiliation or Academic Credit

The Wharton Executive Education and SDG Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program is not a degree program. Courses in the Certificate Program are non-credit, supplemental courses that do not count toward any degree. Participants who complete the Certificate Program will not be conferred Wharton/University of Pennsylvania alumni status. In addition, completion of SDG courses will not count towards Wharton’s Aresty Scholar, CPD, or any other Wharton Executive Education designation.

Strategic Decisions Group

Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) is a global consulting firm with expertise in strategic decision making, risk management, and shareholder value creation. SDG’s collaborative approach helps clients find innovative strategies for today while helping them build decision competency for the future.