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June 2018

How would you describe your organization’s strategy?

June 2018 Poll Results

May 2018

When dealing with difficult people, I most often:

May 2018 Poll Results

April 2018

How do you support new leaders in your organization?

April 2018 Poll Results

March 2018

My negotiation outcomes would most likely improve if I:

March 2018 Poll Results

February 2018

Throughout your career which factor has been most essential to your success?

February 2018 Poll Results

January 2018

My approach to goal-setting is best described as:

January 2018 Poll Results

December 2017

I’m at my most productive when I:

Wharton@Work December Poll Results

November 2017

What best describes your organization’s customer analytics strategy?

November 2017 Poll Results

October 2017

My greatest leadership challenge is:

October 2017 Poll Results

September 2017

When it comes to workplace conflicts, I typically:

September 2017 Poll Results

August 2017

I could improve my handling of organizational politics by:

August 2017 Poll Results

July 2017

As a team leader, I most often:

July 2017 Poll Results

June 2017

How well does your organization execute its strategic initiatives?

June 2017 Poll Results

May 2017

When I’m confronted by a belief or behavior I believe I should change, I typically:

May 2017 Poll Results

April 2017

My ability to influence others:

April 2017 Poll Results

March 2017

Innovation efforts in my organization are best described as:

March 2017 Poll Results

February 2017

What retention strategy is most important for retaining your top talent?

February 2017 Poll Results

January 2017

As I head into 2017, one of my top priorities is:

January 2017 Poll Results

December 2016

Performance appraisals at my organization are:

December 2016 Poll Results

November 2016

I manage the demands of my job by:

November 2016 Poll Results

October 2016

What is your organization’s onboarding process?

October 2016 Poll Results

September 2016

How is your business responding to digital transformations?

September 2016 Poll Results

August 2016

The biggest impediment to strategy execution in my organization is:

August 2016 Poll Results

July 2016

If you have led or been part of a diverse team, how would you describe your experience?

July 2016 Poll Results

June 2016

To what extent is your organization responding to the aging global population?

Wharton@Work June 2016 Poll Results

May 2016

My organization’s marketing strategy is best described as:

Wharton@Work May 2016 Poll Results

April 2016

Does your organization encourage employees to share innovative ideas?

Wharton@Work April 2016 Poll Results

March 2016

I would describe my ability to navigate organizational politics as:

Wharton@Work March 2016 Poll Results

February 2016

What is your organization’s stance on failure?

Wharton@Work February 2016 Poll Results

January 2016

In what area of business acumen could you use more knowledge?

Wharton@Work January 2016 Poll Results

December 2015

My organization’s competitive strategy is mainly:

Wharton@Work December Poll Results

November 2015

My network can be best described as:

Wharton@Work November Poll Results

October 2015

Customer Lifetime Value’s use in our organization can be described as:

Wharton@Work October Poll Results

September 2015

How successful are you at integrating new insights to improve your team’s results?

Wharton@Work September Poll Results

August 2015

Do you use a mindfulness practice, such as meditation?

Wharton@Work August Poll Results

July 2015

Which metric should your organization track more closely?

Wharton@Work July Poll Results

June 2015

Decision-making in my organization is best described as:

Wharton@Work June Poll Results

May 2015

Which best describes your negotiating skills?

Wharton@Work May Poll Results

April 2015

When you need new ideas — whether for an innovative new product or service, a better way to engage your team, or something in between — where do you turn for inspiration?

When you need new ideas — whether for an innovative new product or service, a better way to engage your team, or something in between — where do you turn for inspiration?

March 2015

To be more productive, I believe I need to...

March Poll Results

February 2015

Does your organization encourage an enterprise mindset?

February Poll Results

January 2015

Are you taking advantage of executive education opportunities offered online?

January Poll Results

December 2014

Which area, if strengthened, would most enhance your effectiveness in your current position?

December Poll Results

November 2014

Does your organization provide leadership training?

November Poll Results

October 2014

Confidence has been called the cornerstone of leadership. In which situation do you feel you could use more?

October Poll Results

September 2014

Which best describes your organization’s culture?

Wharton@Work September Poll Results

August 2014

How does your organization bridge the strategy/execution divide?

August 2014 Poll Results

July 2014

How much of your professional time do you spend on leadership development activities for yourself?

July 2014 Poll Results

June 2014

What is your biggest distraction at work?

June 2014 Poll Results

May 2014

What is the single most important factor in leadership development?

May 2014 Poll Results

April 2014

Are you interested in serving as a board member?

April 2014 Poll Results

March 2014

Which best describes your current role in your organization?

March 2013 Poll Results

February 2014

What was the biggest change in your organization’s marketing strategy in 2013?

February 2014 Poll Results

January 2014

How optimistic is your organization for 2014?

January 2014 Poll Results

December 2013

How open is your organization to challenges to the status quo?

December 2013 Poll Results

November 2013

Are you interested in online executive education?

November 2011 Poll Results

October 2013

What helps you and your team rebound from setbacks and deal effectively with challenge and change?

October 2013 Poll Results

September 2013

My skills as a visionary leader can best be described as …

September 2013 Poll Results

August 2013

When I am charged with getting others to work on an initiative, I rely on …

August 2013 Poll Results

July 2013

If your organization is using social media, what is your primary reason for doing so?

July 2013 Poll Results

June 2013

What are the most important qualities you look for in team members?

June 2013 Poll Results

May 2013

How do you make learning stick?

May 2013 Poll Results

April 2013

What best describes your organization’s visionary capacity?

April 2013 Poll Results

March 2013

What change would make the most positive difference in your leadership?

March 2013 Poll Results

February 2013

The pace of my job … ?

February 2013 Poll Results

January 2013

What is the primary focus for your strategic goals?

January 2013 Poll Results

December 2012

How have you filled learning gaps during your career?

December 2012 Poll Results

November 2012

My decision-making style is best described as:

November 2012 Poll Results

October 2012

Throughout your career, what one skill has been most essential to your success?

October 2012 Poll Results

September 2012

Where do you look most often for business advice?

September 2012 Poll Results

August 2012

My organization's talent development efforts are best described as …

August 2012 Poll Results

July 2012

On your continuous journey to stay ahead of the curve, in which area do you see the greatest need to build (or transform) your skills?

July 2012 Poll Results

June 2012

I consider myself least adaptable when…

June 2012 Poll Results

May 2012

How does your organization use scenario planning?

May 2012 Poll Results

April 2012

What is your team or organization's approach for "after action" learning?

April 2012 Poll Results

March 2012

What factor, if improved, would most advance your leadership capabilities?

March 2012 Poll Results

February 2012

Which change would make the greatest difference in your organization?

February 2012 Poll Results

January 2012

How will you enhance your leadership skills in 2012?

January 2012 Poll Results


What is your organization's attitude on mistakes?

December 2011 Poll Results