SIFMA: Securities Industry Institute®

Program Overview

The result of a six-decade-long partnership between Wharton Executive Education and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, this three-year, workshop-based program will equip you with practical information, ideas and answers directly applicable to your current and future responsibilities as a securities professional.

During the weeklong conferences, Wharton’s leading academics and financial leaders will guide your securities education to:

  • Broaden your perspective.
  • Increase your job effectiveness.
  • Strengthen your management skills.

To learn more about this program Securities Industry Institute® website , or contact them by phone at +1.212.313.1108.

Impact & Experience

Upon completion of this three-year program, you will receive a SIFMA/Wharton Certificate from SII that is recognized as a premier securities certification among the leading securities firms in the industry.

This singular Wharton experience utilizes a variety of class formats — from general sessions to individual class sessions, panel discussions to small workshops (many supplemented with pre-course work and case studies) — to provide you with essential insight into current industry practices, strategies for effectively leading an organization, and ideas for the future.

While at Wharton you will:

  • Examine current thinking in economics, finance, management, marketing, professional development, and operations.
  • Familiarize yourself with the challenges facing the securities industry.
  • Gain practical information, ideas, and answers directly applicable to your present and future responsibilities.

Who Attends This Program

Participants are professionals in all areas of the financial services industry, including members of the exchanges and regulatory agencies.


  • Jeremy Siegel, PhD

    Academic Director

    Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Demographics, financial markets, long-run asset returns, macroeconomicsSee Faculty Bio


Sonia Ahuja

“I began the program in 2010 when I was Allied Securities’ chief strategy officer and continued the program after joining BrightScope. My role in both companies involves understanding the major trends shaping the industry, and working with the wealth management firms to see how these trends impact their business. SII has enabled me to improve our business model and innovate new products and services by helping me understand the macro trends and impact on the finance industry’s value chain.

“The relationships I developed with like-minded leaders have broadened my network. One course I took twice was on executive influencing. You do things to influence others instinctually but a program like this allows you to put those concepts into a framework and a discipline. Influencing skills are important when you are driving innovation and change. I absolutely will apply what I learned at Wharton in my workplace.”

Sonia Ahuja, Head, Business Development and Strategy, BrightScope, a privately held business intelligence firm in San Diego

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