Policies and Values

Registration Information

Wharton Executive Education strives to have a balance of industries, regions, functions, and companies in each program. By doing so, we lay the foundation for a strong peer-learning environment. Applications are subject to acceptance. Please view our Registration Information page for more details.

COVID-19 Precautions

Wharton requires participants in any in-person (face-to-face) on-campus program to be fully vaccinated and to show proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test before coming to campus. For all on-campus programs lasting longer than a week, Wharton will require weekly PCR testing for all participants on a schedule to be determined later for each program.

Wharton reserves the right to disinvite, limit participation from, and/or expel from any in-person program any participant that refuses or is otherwise unable to comply with the foregoing.
Please review our full policy before making your travel arrangements.

Community Code of Conduct

Wharton Executive Education respects the rights of every participant, staff, and faculty and fosters a safe, professional, and effective learning environment, free from discrimination or harassment. Please read our Community Code of Conduct before attending your program.

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Wharton Executive Education, we value the diverse views, perspectives and ideals of our faculty, staff and participants and strive to provide an open and welcoming learning environment for all people regardless of race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation.

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Privacy Policy

The University of Pennsylvania provides access to services and information online in a manner that respects and protects your privacy. Our Privacy Policy describes our information-collection practices and explains how we use and protect your personal information.

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