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We believe that knowledge is the muscle of business. Strengthening the ability to flex that muscle at the right time, in the right way, is one way to be Wharton ready, prepared to successfully tackle new challenges. At Wharton, our thought leadership, generated by 225+ faculty and 20 research centers and initiatives, can help you get there. It crosses multiple disciplines and is available to you in a variety of ways — from live online programs to daily Wharton Business Radio interviews. Immerse yourself in Wharton knowledge, and strengthen your ability to meet today’s challenges to drive business results.

New Insights from Your Favorite Wharton Sources

Shattering Myths: Five Truths About Immigration


Shattering Myths: Five Truths About Immigration

In his new book, Wharton professor Zeke Hernandez cuts through the noise with hard facts, revealing why immigration is critical to our national well-being. Read article »

The Consequences of Socioeconomic Mobility


The Consequences of Socioeconomic Mobility

In a study conducted in the urban slums of Brazil, Wharton’s Leo Pongeluppe finds that economic mobility is often accompanied by social stigma. Read K@W article »

Creating Authentic Connections Among Virtual Team Members

Nano Tools for Leaders®

Create Authentic Connections with Virtual Team Members

Learn a structured process for enhancing virtual collaboration and productivity with a method used by scientists from the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative. Read article »

The Edge

Wharton Bookshelf

The Edge: How 10 CEOs Learned to Lead and the Lessons for Us All

Management professor Mike Useem followed CEOs to discover how their leadership has evolved to meet today’s challenges. One takeaway: great leaders keep adding to their skill set; as circumstances change, new capabilities are required. Read more about the book »

Redefining Corporate Governance

Establishing Essentials for the New Business Era

Board governance is one of the most challenging issues for a firm to manage, and social injustice, civil unrest, and the global pandemic have only added complications. Hear from experts on which issues firms should address and how to measure success.

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Beyond Business

Having the right leadership in place to grapple with these new pressures and enterprise risks, in both the C-suite and the boardroom, is critical. The problem is that historically, these have not been issues that were at the top of the agenda for firms. That means many boards are simply not equipped to think through and manage them."

Mary-Hunter "Mae" McDonnell Associate Professor of Management, The Wharton School

Reseach Centers

Research Centers for Interdisciplinary Study

Wharton’s 20 research centers and initiatives produce thought-provoking and timely analysis that is used by business leaders around the world. From customer analytics to public policy to sports and business, we connect leaders directly to the leading minds in business and the latest research that impacts your industry. Learn more »