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We believe that knowledge is the muscle of business. Strengthening the ability to flex that muscle at the right time, in the right way, is one way to be Wharton ready, prepared to successfully tackle new challenges. At Wharton, our thought leadership, generated by 225+ faculty and 20 research centers and initiatives, can help you get there. It crosses multiple disciplines and is available to you in a variety of ways — from live virtual programs to weekly Livecasts and daily Wharton Business Radio interviews. Immerse yourself in Wharton knowledge, and strengthen your ability to meet today’s challenges to drive business results.

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Resilient Learning

Resilient Learning: The Pandemic’s Impact on Executive Education

Michael Malefakis, Wharton Executive Education’s CEO and Associate Vice Dean, gives his perspective on what lies ahead for executive learning.
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Navigating a Crisis: Why Company Culture is Key


Navigating a Crisis: Why Company Culture is Key

As part of the new virtual event series Leadership in the Wake of COVID-19: What Enterprise Leaders Will Need to Survive and Prosper in the Years Ahead, Wharton’s Mike Useem interviews Amway CEO Milind Pant about lessons learned during the pandemic. Read more »

Integrators and Segmentors: Managing Remote Workers

Nano Tools for Leaders®

Integrators and Segmentors: Managing Remote Workers

Help your team set effective boundaries between work and home by supporting those who prefer to keep them separate and those who don’t mind blurring the lines.
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Wharton Bookshelf


Mauro Guillén explains the need to embrace lateral thinking, what surprised him most about his research, and how COVID is impacting his book’s assumptions.
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An ongoing video series on what the world of business may look like 12 to 18 months from now.

Reseach Centers

Research Centers for Interdisciplinary Study

Wharton’s 20 research centers and initiatives produce thought-provoking and timely analysis that is used by business leaders around the world. From customer analytics to public policy to sports and business, we connect leaders directly to the leading minds in business and the latest research that impacts your industry. Learn more »