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For more than 65 years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations from all over the world, in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing to technology, helping them to achieve success.

We looked at a few institutions. Wharton rose to the top, both because of their intellectual capital and branding but also because of their ability to work with us and the partnership we generated early on.”

Venu Krishnamurthy Managing Director, Citigold

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Client Testimonials: The Learning Experience

Wharton really goes in depth, not only in the theory but also in tools and strategy. It’s the right combination of the theoretical and the tactical, and you start implementing what you are learning in real time.”

Kati Stratos Director, Government Affairs, Comcast

Talent has to be your #1 priority and how you leverage that talent to drive results is critical. The team I was a part of focused on our skills and strengths, hired top talent, and created a start-up business (in a simulation). I couldn’t be more proud!”

Melissa Baldoni Director, Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn

Mutlaq Al Anezi of National Commercial Bank, on Wharton as the ideal educational partner

Wharton-Twitter Business Academy: A powerful investment in talent management

Faculty Perspective: Leadership Impact

Change is hard. Research tells us that most organizations' efforts fail. In part, that failure is due to the effort change takes. It's a lengthy process, and it can get derailed at a number of key points. Knowing where they are can help leaders keep things on track."

Nancy Rothbard, PhD David Pottruck Professor; Chairperson, Management Department, The Wharton School

Professor Mike Useem on the need for effective leadership in the face of change

Professor John Zhang on Wharton Custom Programs

Client Case Studies: The Impact of the Learning Experience

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Educating Financial Leaders for a Rapidly Changing Industry: ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking

ABA Stonier sought an outstanding executive education partner to enhance the leadership aspects of its graduate banking program. It wanted to prepare its students for assuming higher levels of responsibility in their organizations, enabling those institutions to thrive in a transforming, uncertain financial environment.

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Royal DSM

Knowledge for Innovation and Sustainability

Royal DSM, a global life sciences and materials sciences company, called on Wharton Executive Education to create a custom leadership development program that would propel the company forward as it expanded internationally. The goals of the program were to train top leaders to foster innovations, prepare leaders for learning across cultures, and achieve net new sales growth.

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Merck Global Human Health Executive Development Program

Merck partnered with Wharton to create an executive leadership program that accelerated the development of strategic capabilities and leadership behaviors needed to drive business decisions in general manager and managing director roles. The goals of the program were to improve leadership competencies, generate significant ROI from growth projects, and strengthen Merck’s succession funnel.

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Innovation and New Revenue Streams

Philips partnered with Wharton to develop customized tools and practices to improve its “innovation DNA” and establish an approach for implementing a culture of innovation. The goals of the program were to equip senior leadership with innovation skills, instill a new leadership mindset to promote innovation, and create a cohesive pool of like-minded leaders to fill the succession pipeline.

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SCG logo

Accelerated Development for High-Potential Talents

SCG partnered with Wharton to deliver a program that would prepare high-potential talents for management roles inside the company. The program was designed to enhance participants’ ability to respond quickly to global manufacturing challenges like process improvement and cost management, and provided participants with innovative tools that they were able to use immediately once back in the workplace.

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Achieving Global Growth in Financial Services: CTBC

How does a Taiwanese bank achieve rapid growth and global expansion while adapting to the challenges of the VUCA environment and digital transformation? That was the multi-faceted challenge facing CTBC, the largest privately owned bank in Taiwan with subsidiaries and offices across Asia and in key global cities. The CTBC-Wharton programs have helped the company excel at executing strategy and master the complexities of transforming from a traditional bank to a digital bank.

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Strengthening Socially-Oriented Leaders

Women’s World Banking partnered with Wharton to develop a program that would allow its members to build a global understanding, increase strategic and critical thinking, and drive stronger customer-centric innovation. The goals of the program were to build global understanding, increase strategic and critical thinking and drive stronger customer-centric innovation within the organization.

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