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In order for your organization to grow and build stronger customer relationships, your marketing team needs to reach the right target audience with the right message. Custom marketing and analytics programs at Wharton Executive Education prepare your leaders to compete in this increasingly complex environment with the latest tools, metrics, and social/mobile platforms available.

With curriculums steeped in strategic and analytical thinking, Wharton programs translate the intricacies of proper branding and product positioning into powerful yet practical approaches ready for immediate execution.

The marketing experts at Wharton comprise the largest, most cited, and most published marketing faculty in the world. They bring extensive industry experience in evidence-based methodologies in addition to the most successful cutting-edge trends. They will partner with your organization and teach your team how to accurately measure buying preferences and anticipate consumer behavior, leading to improved product performance and an immediate increase in your bottom line.

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Strategic Focus

The Wharton approach brings a unique advantage to your marketing efforts. Our customizable marketing curriculum can be tailored to your specific business challenges and competitive environment. From customer centricity and psychometrics to global brand positioning — our expert faculty will partner with your learning and development team to create practical training that helps your company achieve an immediate strategic advantage in the playing field.

At Wharton, your organizational team will learn how to:

  • Identify and reach your most valuable customers
  • Develop pricing strategies for maximum value
  • Build marketing initiatives that directly impact ROI
  • Utilize the latest digital marketing techniques to impact consumer behavior

Thought Leadership and Solutions

We have partnered with a range of world-class companies and organizations to create transformative executive education experiences. Resulting programs leverage the vast resources, such as the research centers of the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania, to showcase powerful thought leadership, and provide solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Below is an example of a custom executive education solution:

Estée Lauder

Prof. Patricia Williams worked with The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. to design a marketing symposium for the company’s 100 global and regional marketing leaders across their 30+ brands. Prof. Williams’ deep involvement with high-level ELC executives has enabled her not just to deliver current content, but to help the company better define its priorities, and create highly customized content and learning experiences to meet those priorities.

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Client Perspective

The relationship between Wharton and our company is unique in its collaboration among our senior leaders. Over the years, Wharton has developed a deep understanding of our company culture and has become a trusted thought leader and learning partner. They know just what we need to accomplish and can design an educational experience to help us get there.”

William P. Lauder Executive Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies


Peter Fader

Peter Fader, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor; Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Lifetime value of the customer, sales forecasting for new products, behavioral data

Barbara Kahn

Barbara Kahn, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor; Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Brand loyalty, consumer choice, customer-relationship management

Patti Williams

Patti Williams, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Ira A. Lipman Associate Professor of Marketing; Vice Dean, Wharton Executive Education

Research Interests: Consumer decision making, emotional and attitudinal ambivalence, the persuasive effects of emotion

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