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Advanced Management Program

September 27–October 30, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

Discover new ways to authentically lead and achieve a higher level of professional performance … Learn more »

Pricing Strategies: Measuring, Capturing, and Retaining Value

Wharton LIVE Virtual Programs

Registration will remain open through July 3. Video recordings of the entire series will be made available to all attendees at the end of the series.

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Participants’ Testimonials

Corporate Valuation is extremely important to what I do day-to-day since I dedicate 80 percent of my time to growth through acquisitions. Wharton is definitely worth the investment — I have found the faculty insights and the valuation tools shared invaluable.”

Rogério GonçalvesCEO, Automotive Business, Prevent Group, Germany

Mohini BinepalCo-founder & Head of Retail, Sara Soule Pvt. Ltd.

Mohini Binepal says Wharton's Advanced Management Program tested her leadership capabilities and accelerated her learning by putting her into different experiential environments.

After I completed Business Essentials for Executives, my company had Professor Nicolaj Siggelkow do a session with our executive team. We mapped out our strategy, which was immediately translated into decisions on how we approached certain accounts and determined our pricing and sales strategy.”

Jason DabrowChief Operating Officer, Chelten House Products Inc.

Program in the Spotlight

General Management Program

For executives who are driven to excel, the General Management Program is a rigorous and highly-experiential six-program learning journey that includes executive coaching and membership to one of the world’s most powerful alumni networks.

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Forging a Resilient Supply Chain in the Era of COVID-19

Forging a Resilient Supply Chain in the Era of COVID-19

Protecting today’s supply chains requires a holistic view and leverages tools like predictive analytics and AI, argue Wharton’s Gad Allon and Santiago Gallino.

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Group Enrollment

Group Enrollment

To further leverage the value and impact of a program across your organization, we encourage companies to send multiple executives to Wharton. Receive a tuition benefit when you send four or more executives to a Wharton program.

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Executive Development Program

Wharton’s Executive Development Program is designed for successful functional, country, or unit managers preparing to take on broader responsibilities that require leading outside their areas of education and experience.

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