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Managers Need Training: Here’s a Solution

Managers Need Training: Here’s a Solution

Many new managers receive no transitional training, putting their organizations at risk — and putting enormous pressures on new managers. Wharton MBA faculty have a solution.Read More

Changes in Corporate Finance: Are You Keeping Up?

Changes in Corporate Finance: Are You Keeping Up?

Changing trade policies, global volatility, and new technologies: some reasons finance professionals must be aware of changes, anticipate effects on their business, and adjust accordingly.Read More

Forget Post-Mortems: Here’s How to Learn from Mistakes

Forget Post-Mortems: Here’s How to Learn from Mistakes

Having a review process for every significant loss and victory can take you to the next level, creating a culture of continuous performance improvement.Read More

Conquer Digital Disruption by Closing Your Company’s Talent Gap

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Conquer Digital Disruption by Closing Your Company’s Talent Gap

Companies that thrive in the digital economy value talent over technology. Here are four models for talent-building that provide necessary skills when you need them.Read More

One of the key highlights...[was realizing] that large incumbents possess great strengths and can easily audit, experiment with, fine tune, or pivot their business models.”

Binu ChackoSenior Manager, Lean Transformation, Westpac Banking Corporation

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People Analytics: A Data-Driven Approach to Managing People

NEW People Analytics: HR Transformation through Data
Apr. 14–17, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

Discover how to apply analytical data to make more informed people-related decisions, and acquire better human resources tools for defining and cultivating organizational culture. Learn More »

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The CFO: Becoming a Strategic Partner
May 11–15, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

This program helps you refine your leadership style, communicate your financial knowledge to other leaders, and extend your influence across the organization. You will enhance your ability to impact your organization's strategy and value creation. Learn More »

Leading Organizational Change
May 11–14, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

Examine the complex interpersonal and strategic issues involved in successfully spearheading change across your organization. Gain frameworks, models, and perspectives on leadership and change management that can be applied to your unique challenges. Learn More »

NEW Leveraging Neuroscience for Business Impact
May 18–21, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

Learn how to apply neuroscience principles and technology to shape consumer behavior, improve your decisions, build better teams, strengthen client relationships, and hone marketing and communication strategies. Learn More »

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