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Today, We Need Leaders Who Create Leaders

Today, We Need Leaders Who Create Leaders

According to Mike Useem, “After the pandemic, senior leaders will be savvier about developing leaders who are able to minimize risks and respond to crises.”Read More

Managing Business and Financial Uncertainty in a Crisis

Managing Business and Financial Uncertainty in a Crisis

Unprecedented times demand that leaders make decisions for next week and for recovery. Wharton Executive Education and Wharton/Penn programs help them do both. Read More

Rethinking HR Policies with the Coronavirus

Rethinking HR Policies with the Coronavirus

The exceptional number of employees working from home is stress-testing HR policies like never before. Peter Cappelli shares advice on how to handle the crisis.Read More

Four Steps to Steer an Organization in a Time of Crisis

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Four Steps to Steer an Organization in a Time of Crisis

Now is not the time to simply react to the pandemic. Mauro Guillén shares four approaches organizations should take to survive today and thrive in the future.Read More

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About Corporate Valuation:

I really loved the program as it provided practical tools and approaches that I can actually use in my everyday work. Everybody was just amazing: students, teachers, staff… Professor Michael Roberts made it very easy to understand and digest all the materials even in the short period of time.”

Mariia KurbatovaBusiness Development Lead in Oncology/Immunology, R-Pharm US

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NEW Leveraging Neuroscience for Business Impact
May 18–21, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

Learn how to apply neuroscience principles and technology to shape consumer behavior, improve your decisions, build better teams, strengthen client relationships, and hone marketing and communication strategies. Learn More »

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Mastering Innovation: Strategy, Process, and Tools
Jun. 7–11, 2020 • San Francisco, CA

Innovation is a process that can be managed and perfected to help organizations increase their value and achieve new levels of success. Become the catalyst for company-wide change when you learn how to construct the architecture that drives innovation in an organization. Learn More »

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Digital Economy
Jun. 1–4, 2020 • Philadelphia, PA

Understand and evaluate key aspects of digital marketing, including digital strategy, social media, and influencer marketing, to enable successful development and implementation of relevant and powerful digital marketing efforts. Learn More »

NEW Scaling Ventures: Developing the Playbook for Profitable Growth
Jun. 7–11, 2020 • San Francisco, CA

Resolve the key challenges companies face when trying to grow rapidly as they transition from tactical, short-term thinking to a long-term focused vision. Learn how to move beyond the startup phase to create a large enterprise of tremendous value. Learn More »

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