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May 2021

My network is best described as:

May 2021 Poll Results

April 2021

One tactic that could help me with online negotiation and persuasion is:

April 2021 Poll Results

March 2021

What is your greatest obstacle to lifelong learning?

March 2021 Poll Results

February 2021

When faced with a difficult and consequential decision, I typically:

February 2021 Poll Results

January 2021

My top professional goal for 2021 is:

January 2021 Poll Results

December 2020

Have you experienced online executive education in 2020?

December 2020 Poll Results

November 2020

The following positive effect of the COVID crisis is one that I would like to continue:

November 2020 Poll Results

October 2020

Communicating with those you lead has become more complicated. What is your greatest current communication challenge?

October 2020 Poll Results

September 2020

My firm’s current analytics capabilities are best described as:

September 2020 Poll Results

August 2020

As your business considers plans for the future, what is the most important strength you can draw on?

August 2020 Poll Results

July 2020

If the pandemic has afforded you time for professional development, what has been your primary source?

July 2020 Poll Results

June 2020

The pandemic is making leaders in every industry acutely aware of the skills they need to strengthen. What one skill, if improved, would enhance your leadership today?

June 2020 Poll Results

May 2020

What is your biggest personal business challenge today?

May 2020 Poll Results

April 2020

Before the next crisis, our business needs to proactively rethink our:

April 2020 Poll Results

March 2020

What is the biggest roadblock you encounter when trying to persuade others?

March 2020 Poll Results

February 2020

When you transitioned into a management role, what kind of training did you receive?

February 2020 Poll Results

January 2020

When I am charged with getting others to work on an initiative, I rely on:

January 2020 Poll Results

December 2019

Which area, if strengthened, would most enhance your effectiveness in your current position?

December 2019 Poll Results

November 2019

How well does your organization see sooner and act faster?

November 2019 Poll Results

October 2019

What one change would make the greatest difference in your time management?

October 2019 Poll Results

September 2019

How does your organization develop its high potentials?

September 2019 Poll Results

August 2019

How would you rate your ability to coach your direct reports and others in your organization?

August 2019 Poll Results

July 2019

What is your organization’s most important growth strategy?

July 2019 Poll Results

June 2019

When you need new ideas — whether for an innovative new product or service, a better way to engage your team, or something in between — where do you turn for inspiration?

June 2019 Poll Results

May 2019

Which choice best describes your experience with executive coaching?May 2019 Poll Results

April 2019

Which best describes your organization‘s pricing strategy?
April 2019 Poll Results

March 2019

How qualified are you to assess your investment advisor’s performance?March 2019 Poll Results

February 2019

One of my professional goals for 2019 is to:
February 2019 Poll Results

January 2019

What change would make the most positive difference in your leadership in 2019?January 2019 Poll Results

December 2018

My typical approach to office politics is:
December 2018 Poll Results

November 2018

How is your organization preparing for potential catastrophic risks?
November 2018 Poll Results

October 2018

How have you handled job-related burnout?
October 2018 Poll Results

September 2018

If you are not in a finance role, how would you describe your knowledge of finance and accounting?
September 2018 Poll Results

August 2018

How do you rate your persuasion skills?
August 2018 Poll Results

July 2018

How would you best describe your organization’s presence on social media?July 2018 Poll Results

June 2018

How would you describe your organization’s strategy?
June 2018 Poll Results

May 2018

When dealing with difficult people, I most often:
May 2018 Poll Results

April 2018

How do you support new leaders in your organization?
April 2018 Poll Results

March 2018

My negotiation outcomes would most likely improve if I:
March 2018 Poll Results

February 2018

Throughout your career which factor has been most essential to your success?
February 2018 Poll Results

January 2018

My approach to goal-setting is best described as:
January 2018 Poll Results

December 2017

I’m at my most productive when I:
December 2017 Poll Results

November 2017

What best describes your organization’s customer analytics strategy?
November 2017 Poll Results

October 2017

My greatest leadership challenge is:
October 2017 Poll Results

September 2017

When it comes to workplace conflicts, I typically:
September 2017 Poll Results

August 2017

I could improve my handling of organizational politics by:
August 2017 Poll Results

July 2017

As a team leader, I most often:
July 2017 Poll Results

June 2017

How well does your organization execute its strategic initiatives?

June 2017 Poll Results

May 2017

When I’m confronted by a belief or behavior I believe I should change, I typically:

May 2017 Poll Results

April 2017

My ability to influence others:
April 2017 Poll Results

March 2017

Innovation efforts in my organization are best described as:
March 2017 Poll Results

February 2017

What retention strategy is most important for retaining your top talent?
February 2017 Poll Results

January 2017

As I head into 2017, one of my top priorities is:
January 2017 Poll Results

December 2016

Performance appraisals at my organization are:
December 2016 Poll Results

November 2016

I manage the demands of my job by:
November 2016 Poll Results

October 2016

What is your organization’s onboarding process?
October 2016 Poll Results

September 2016

How is your business responding to digital transformations?
September 2016 Poll Results

August 2016

The biggest impediment to strategy execution in my organization is:
August 2016 Poll Results

July 2016

If you have led or been part of a diverse team, how would you describe your experience?
July 2016 Poll Results

June 2016

To what extent is your organization responding to the aging global population?
June 2016 Poll Results

May 2016

My organization’s marketing strategy is best described as:
May 2016 Poll Results

April 2016

Does your organization encourage employees to share innovative ideas?
April 2016 Poll Results

March 2016

I would describe my ability to navigate organizational politics as:
March 2016 Poll Results

February 2016

What is your organization’s stance on failure?
February 2016 Poll Results

January 2016

In what area of business acumen could you use more knowledge?
January 2016 Poll Results

December 2015

My organization’s competitive strategy is mainly:
December 2015 Poll Results

November 2015

My network can be best described as:
November 2015 Poll Results

October 2015

Customer Lifetime Value’s use in our organization can be described as:
October 2015 Poll Results

September 2015

How successful are you at integrating new insights to improve your team’s results?
September 2015 Poll Results

August 2015

Do you use a mindfulness practice, such as meditation?
August 2015 Poll Results

July 2015

Which metric should your organization track more closely?
July 2015 Poll Results

June 2015

Decision-making in my organization is best described as:
Junme 2015 Poll Results

May 2015

Which best describes your negotiating skills?
May 2015 Poll Results

April 2015

When you need new ideas — whether for an innovative new product or service, a better way to engage your team, or something in between — where do you turn for inspiration?
April 2015 Poll Results

March 2015

To be more productive, I believe I need to...
March 2015 Poll Results

February 2015

Does your organization encourage an enterprise mindset?
February 2015 Poll Results

January 2015

Are you taking advantage of executive education opportunities offered online?
January 2015 Poll Results