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We know you have a choice when it comes to an executive education provider and that this choice is an investment. Wharton Custom Programs deliver knowledge that executives can apply immediately when back in the office and continue to use to achieve long-term results.

We teach new ways of thinking about business, culture, and life. Not only are executives going to be better leaders, but they are going to understand why.”

Peter Fader, PhD Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

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The Wharton Approach: Our Partnership, Your Success

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Our partnership begins with a full understanding of your business through a thorough needs assessment with key stakeholders.


Your executive learning needs and organizational goals inform and influence the end-to-end development of your custom program.


Your learning experience delivers our thought leadership in flexible and highly engaging ways to transform and inspire.

Impact and Measurement

Together we monitor and measure your program’s impact, leveraging our partnership for long-term results.

Needs Assessment: Identifying the Opportunities

Our thorough Needs Assessment ensures the program design and its content are grounded in your organization’s strategy and culture. The results are clear learning outcomes mapped to the needs of your executives and designed for long-term impact.

Step 1: Defining Strategic Objectives

Interviews with key stakeholders help determine:

  • Critical success factors for your organization
  • Skills or capabilities needed to achieve these factors
  • Gaps in current skill set of executive talent and high-demand skills in short supply
  • Barriers that are creating these gaps and shortages
  • Influential industry trends that impact decision making

Step 2: Evaluating Executive Capabilities

Interviews with program participants uncover:

  • Perspectives on capabilities
  • Corporate culture and company dynamics
  • Short- and long-term challenges

360-Degree Skills Surveys:

  • Allows for deeper insights into roles and competencies

Step 3: Developing Targeted Curriculum

Needs Assessment Report:

  • Shares findings of stakeholder interviews
  • Introduces program themes and design intent
  • Presents specific curriculum developed to enhance skills, change behaviors, and shift perspectives to achieve desired outcomes
  • Recommends conceptual program design based on Assessment and other organizational drivers

Program Design and Delivery: The Learning Journey

Using the needs assessment as our foundation, we design your organization’s unique learning journey. The powerful on-campus classroom experience can be enhanced by online learning. Coaching can be applied to individuals or teams for added results.

program timeline graphic: pre-work assessments, kickoff (online), module 1 (residential), module 2 (online), module 3 (residential), post program (online), executive coaching (online and in person), and action learning projects (individual and team)

Because we understand how executives learn, knowledge, tools, and frameworks are introduced through various learning methodologies. The result is a dynamic, highly engaging experience that inspires and transforms.

Impact and Measurement: Return on the Investment

A successful partnership is one that delivers maximum impact and yields measurable, long-term results. Together, we will define your measurement criteria, which may include:

  • Application & Implementation: Participant response to the program once back at the workplace
  • Performance: Improved performance measured against leadership competencies
  • Return on Investment: Value and economic outcomes of the program
  • Career Progression: The number of promotions of program participants

See how some of our clients measure the success of their partnership with Wharton.

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