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At Wharton, we believe that knowledge is the muscle of business. Our 225+ faculty, as well as 20 research centers and initiatives, are the brain trust that powers this engine. Wharton thought leadership crosses multiple disciplines and is available to you in a variety of ways — academic research, books, interviews, and more. Immerse yourself in Wharton knowledge, and gain valuable business insight that can help you achieve your goals within your own organization today.

  • Is Your Board Ready for an Activist Investor?Is Your Board Ready to Deal With An Active Investor?

    What’s the best way to deal with an activist investor? Wharton management professor and co-author of Boards That Lead, Mike Useem advises adopting a proactive approach, based on a strong board, sound leadership, and an effective strategy for better corporate governance. More »

    Business RadioRebuilding the Trump Brand

    Despite the U.S. presidential election results, the Trump brand took a huge hit in the recent months, becoming more associated with his populist policies than luxury real estate. Wharton faculty Americus Reed and Samir Nurmohamed take a look at how Donald Trump and his family can rebuild their business brand. Listen to podcast  »

  • Marathon Leadership: Pacing Yourself to Get ResultsNano Tools for Leaders®

    Today’s rate of change is unrelenting; instead of working “25/8” to keep up, actively control your pace – and that of your team – by following one or more of five action steps. They will help you get results in what’s most important. You can’t control the relentless pace of the environment around you, but you can control how well you navigate it. More »

    The Strategic Leader's RoadmapThe Strategic Leader’s Roadmap

    Even a strong leader can flounder without an effective strategy. The Strategic Leader’s Roadmap, by Wharton management professors Harbir Singh and Michael Useem, offers a 6-point checklist for leading strategically that will help managers strengthen their capacity to develop strategy and to lead its execution. Download an excerpt »