Amrita Subramanian

Amrita V. Subramanian, PhD

Faculty, Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

About Amrita

Amrita Subramanian’s unique background combines more than 22 years of business leadership experience with a passion for teaching and coaching senior boards and executive teams how to thrive in turbulent environments. She is a renowned author, speaker, and trusted advisor for firms across Asia, Europe, and the U.S., and has been featured by the media in recognition of her contributions to the field of post-disruptive growth and its immediate relevance.

Recently, she won the LPS nomination for distinguished teaching in liberal professional studies at Penn. She is known to create psychologically safe environments to consider the most volatile and conflict-laden themes for her clients and in classrooms, which enables leaders to sustainably role model informed-empathy and compassion as ways to lead beyond crises, without burning out their teams and themselves.

Her corporate experience includes senior leadership roles in multiple industries, and leading diverse functions — including business operations, banking services, strategic planning, and regional talent and leadership management — across Asia Pacific and Europe.

Professor Subramanian currently teaches in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania as the lead faculty for the Leadership Coaching Certificate (LCC) for Penn’s flagship coaching program. Her courses on Organizational Paradoxes and Post- Disruptive Growth center on deciphering patterns of chaos, evolution of adaptable social networks, relational equity, and decision making in unpredictably complex scenarios. She collaborates closely across the University, including the Wharton School of Business, Penn Medicine, Penn Law, and Penn Engineering.

She is the president and founder of a niche global firm that concentrates on fostering post-disruptive growth, in the aftermath of crisis (such as the COVID-19 pandemic). Her life’s mission is to empower a global movement that makes post-disruptive growth a constant for planet, people, and self-sustaining organizations.

Her clients include PepsiCo, LinkedIn, Amazon, TEVA Pharmaceuticals, NICE, AECOM, Wabtec, First Republic Bank, ABA CEO group, SAFEA, Enterprise Singapore, CTBC, Moelis, Oliver Wyman, China Merchants Bank, Merck, and Carlisle companies.

In her own time, she travels; writes; collects spices, stories, poems, and connections; and has a cache of adventures across 23 countries to regale her friends, family, and colleagues with. Her little-known passions are astronomy led by Carl Sagan, and mythology via Joseph Campbell. Please contact her via LinkedIn and email. For more on her research and her active movement of growth, please visit growbeyondpain.com in unifying knowledge with ease of application in face of crises and enhancing the possibilities of growth beyond the boundaries of economy, ecology, and access for all.