Amrita Subramanian

Amrita V. Subramanian

Faculty, Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

About Amrita

Amrita brings 17 years of robust experience in business operations, strategic planning and execution in complex environments across Asia Pacific and London. In her last role, she served as Vice President — Global Strategic Talent Development in HSBC.

Currently, Amrita teaches at University of Pennsylvania. Her contribution as an educator is around sense-making of paradoxes in organizations; inter-group dynamics in complex organizations; inter-generational workforce productivity; storytelling by leaders and negotiators; and designing strategy based on intercultural norms, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. As a consultant and an executive coach, she partners with clients to bring sustainable solutions to solve future problems by harnessing the collective intelligence inside and outside the organization.

Amrita creates access to useful information by applying diagnostic lenses to the client’s present situation. She begins by understanding the culture, the results and the relationships, and takes a holistic view to offer clients insight into their current environment.

In pursuit of a PhD in human development, Amrita hopes to offer herself as a teacher, consultant, coach and an alchemist to organizations, its teams and its leaders.