Charlotte Beyer

Charlotte B. Beyer

Fellow of the Aresty Institute, The Wharton School; Founder, Institute for Private Investors

About Charlotte

A Wall Street veteran and entrepreneur, Charlotte Beyer has been identifying changes in the culture and dynamics of wealth management since 1992. Beyer founded the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) to help improve the relationship between wealthy investors and their financial advisors and is co-creator of the first Private Wealth Management curriculum for ultra-high-net-worth investors at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Named an Aresty Fellow at Wharton in 2016, Beyer is also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Family Wealth Report and the J. Richard Joyner Wealth Management Impact Award from the Investments & Wealth Institute™. Her 2nd edition of Wealth Management Unwrapped was published by Wiley Finance in 2017. Relationship Alpha was published by the CFA Institute Research Foundation in 2019.

Upon retiring as CEO of IPI in 2012, Beyer founded the Principle Quest Foundation, a private foundation whose mission is to support innovative education and mentoring programs for women of all ages. A lifetime trustee of the Westover School, an all-girls school, Beyer was featured in the Wall Street Journal Donor of the Day column in 2011.