Joe Simmons

Joseph Simmons, PhD

Dorothy Silberberg Professor of Applied Statistics; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, The Wharton School

Research Interests:Judgment and decision making, experimental methods, consumer behavior

About Joseph

Joseph Simmons’ research focuses on judgment and decision making, with an emphasis on understanding the psychological processes that lead managers and consumers to make irrational and suboptimal decisions. He has published in top-tier peer-reviewed psychology and business journals, such as Psychological ScienceJournal of Experimental Psychology: General, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Marketing Research. In addition, his research on experimental methods has helped change the way behavioral scientists conduct and report their research so as to improve the integrity of the scientific process.

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Executive Education Programs Taught

Effective Decision Making: Thinking Critically and Rationally

Break through the hurdles of uncertainty and bias to become a powerfully decisive, more strategic leader. Hone your ability to influence and persuade by applying field-based research, proven approaches, and behavioral economics. Return to your organization with actionable knowledge to overcome obstacles and lead your organization to success.