Robert Stine

Robert Stine, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Statistics, The Wharton School

Research Interests:Credit scoring, model selection, pattern recognition and classification, forecasting

About Robert

Professor Robert Stine is a frequent consultant to industry. Some of his work has focused on the development of practical tools for building and assessing forecasts from models of time series data. His research ranges from derivations of the abstract, theoretical properties of these methods to their application in various marketing, financial, and clinical problems. His most recent work concerns the use of information theory to understand and contrast various methods for selecting an optimal statistical model, with particular relevance to the selection of important modeling factors. His research has appeared in numerous academic journals, including Journal of the American Statistical Association and Annals of Statistics.

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Executive Education Programs Taught

RMA/Wharton Advanced Risk Management Program

This program introduces the latest thinking around risk, including, macroeconomic drivers, and equips you with tools to evaluate your exposure. Learn analytical frameworks, strategies, and resources for measuring, managing, and monitoring risk.