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Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value

Program Overview

Private equity is a critically important asset that investors cannot afford to exclude from their portfolios. With its potential for high returns that can outperform other asset classes, such as conventional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, private equity offers a competitive edge to sophisticated investors.

Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value is an executive education program designed for institutional investors as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity managers. This new private equity program, taught by renowned Wharton finance faculty, will deliver the latest information about the private equity sector, while teaching the latest concepts investors need to know to confidently evaluate investment opportunities in the private equity space and build optimal investment processes.

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Private Equity Program Highlights & Benefits

  • Learn the various stages of investment, from deal origination through harvesting returns
  • Study tools that private equity firms use to structure and finance a deal, create value, and determine exit timing
  • Understand the key drivers in the private equity market, and key differences between funds’ strategies
  • Analyze a deal from the different points of view of a private equity firm and of a bank
  • Do case work utilizing actual deal scenarios to present deal recommendations to Wharton faculty and alumni
  • Observe deal proposal presentations with an investment advisory committee

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The March 2017 session is full. Please email for waitlist information.

March 27 - 30, 2017$8,600

Philadelphia, PA

October 2 - 6, 2017$10,250

Philadelphia, PA

Download the program schedule, including session details.

As of October 2017, this program will be five days.

Tuition for Philadelphia programs includes lodging and meals. Prices are subject to change.

Featured Video

“Many people don’t realize that private equity investors have to create value. This program will give you a framework for tackling this issue and identifying inefficiencies within your firm that can be improved to create value.”

Professor Bilge Yilmaz on Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value

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Experience & Impact

This innovative program provides an ideal combination of lectures by Wharton finance faculty and Wharton alumni who are finance leaders in the private equity industry. In October 2017, the program will be expanded to 4.5 days to allow participants to more comprehensively analyze deals. More time will be devoted to areas of individual interest, such as the limited partner perspective and private equity in emerging markets. There will also be additional case study and group presentation time.

Participants will learn the landscape of the private equity space and be exposed to concepts and tools—shaped by the ongoing research of Wharton Private Equity Professor Bilge Yilmaz—that are used by private equity managers today. Case studies that will be discussed are current, relevant, and designed to maximize peer and faculty interaction.

Session topics include:

  • Fund structure
  • Leveraged buyout model and comparables analysis
  • Deal origination, transaction, and execution
  • Value creation with operations and negotiation
  • Advanced and best practices in private equity
  • Commercial due diligence
  • The Limited Partners’ perspective
  • Growth equity
  • Middle market private equity
  • Private equity in emerging economies

Wharton faculty and alumni will share their experiences and discuss their views on the private equity landscape with the class. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the speakers through focused Q&A sessions, as well as during breakout sessions.

Participants will work in small groups to apply their new knowledge to a private equity deal. Teamwork on actual case studies will expose participants to both the mechanics and art of the deal through a real-world lens. This approach will ensure participants understand the key drivers in the private equity market, differences between funds’ strategies, and how those strategies can play out for investors.

To apply this knowledge in a real-world scenario, a distinguishing highlight of this program will be a highly interactive role play and deal analysis. Participants will observe the Wharton MBA deal proposal presentations and the investment advisory committee. Here, participants will be required to analyze the deals from two different points of view—as a private equity firm and as a bank preparing debt documents. The culmination of the exercise will be a group debrief and discussion with Wharton faculty and alumni who will provide their real-time feedback and industry insight.

Listen to audio clip

Listen to the Audio Clip:

Private Equity Professor Bilge Yilmaz and Mitchell Hollin, WG’89, appeared on Wharton Business Radio, SiriusXM. Listen to this extract of an interview where they talked about Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value.

Who Should Attend

Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value is designed for institutional investors as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity managers. A minimum of three years of investment industry experience is recommended. This program will enable participants to better understand opportunities and strategies, and develop their toolkit to be effective in investing in private equities.

The roles and job titles of participants might include:

  • Chief investment officers and asset managers responsible for a firm’s portfolio
  • Institutional investors with an interest in private equity funds
  • Entrepreneurs in the process of receiving and/or structuring capital funds
  • Investment consultants, accountants, family office representatives, and private bankers
  • Risk managers, actuaries, and quantitative analysts
  • Investor relations and investment professionals in private equity
  • Principals who invest in private equity and venture capital firms

Group Enrollment

To further leverage the value and impact of this program, we encourage companies to send cross-functional teams of executives to Wharton. We offer group enrollment benefits to companies sending four or more participants.

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Bilge Yilmaz, PhD   See Faculty Bio

Wharton Private Equity Professor, Professor of Finance; Director, Wharton Alternative Investments Initiative, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Corporate finance, alternative investments, game theory, political economy

David Bard, MBA   See Faculty Bio

Vice President, American Securities

Perry Golkin, JD   See Faculty Bio

Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School; Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Public Pension Capital Management

Stephen M. Sammut   See Faculty Bio

Lecturer, The Wharton School

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