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About Wharton

The Wharton Difference: Leadership and business acumen that drive performance

Global Perspective

Wharton brings a diverse, global perspective to the classroom, unlocking the value and opportunity that comes from examining issues across business, cultural, and geographic boundaries.


Wharton delivers knowledge with analytical rigor rooted in evidence-based research and extensive industry experience, translated into actionable strategies by our expert faculty.

Wharton Impact

Each year, nearly 10,000 executives worldwide choose Wharton to advance their leadership at every level and make an impact in their organizations.

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Executives around the world choose Wharton Executive Education to help them navigate the speed of change in today’s marketplace.

  • Open Enrollment for Individuals and Groups

    Wharton Executive Education’s programs are highly experiential learning experiences that are designed to advance leaders at every level. To further leverage the value and impact of a program across an organization, send a small group of executives to an open-enrollment program.

  • Custom Programs for Organizations

    Starting from an initial and thorough needs assessment, Wharton draws on the expertise of our dedicated Faculty, Client Relations, and Program Management teams to design and deliver custom programs that are optimal for our clients.

  • Online Learning

    Using the latest technology, Wharton offers executive education online designed to reach all levels of a company’s workforce regardless of employee locations.

Wharton Client Experiences

Pierre Hermant says Wharton provides a supportive, trusting learning environment for executives.

Client Successes: Braskem

How can a fast-growing global chemical company create a global leadership mindset among its high-potential managers worldwide while expanding into new markets? That was the challenge facing Brazilian-based Braskem, Latin America’s largest petrochemical company.

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Our Faculty

Martine Haas

Martine Haas, PhD

Associate Professor of Management, The Wharton School

Professor Haas is an award-winning teacher whose work focuses on collaboration in global, knowledge-intensive organizations. Her research and teaching interests include global teams, information technology use, and organizational behavior. She has worked for McKinsey & Company, and as a consultant to organizations including the World Bank, the BBC, and the Tate Gallery of Modern Art.

Specialist to Generalist: Preparing for your Next Career Move

Specialist to Generalist: Preparing for Your Next Career Move

In most organizations, specific expertise only gets you so far. Once you move into management, you need expanded knowledge and skills—ones that are hard to acquire on the job. Wharton has a one-week solution to help you prepare.

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Five Minutes to Great Meetings: Start with the “Power Lead”

Five Minutes to Great Meetings: Start with the ‘Power Lead’

New research from positive psychology and neuroscience shows that small shifts in the way we communicate can create big effects on business outcomes. Use one of five science-based Power Leads to improve your next meeting.

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What Science Says About Quitting While You’re Ahead

Personal Best: What Science Says about Quitting While You’re Ahead

Have you ever achieved a personal best and then relaxed a bit afterwards, not pushing yourself further? If so, what are the implications of such behavior on your future performance? That’s the subject of a new study by Etan Green, a Wharton professor of operations, information and decisions, and Ashton Anderson, an assistant professor in computer science at the University of Toronto.

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The Campus Experience

The Wharton is part of the historic University of Pennsylvania, a vibrant university located in the city of Philadelphia. We deliver executive education programs in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Beijing, or at partner sites across the globe.