Wharton Wealth Management Program Offerings

Wealth Management Programs for Family Offices, UHNW and Institutional Investors

At Wharton, we take a holistic view of investor education. We concentrate on the technical (investments, finance) and human (family dynamics, communication) aspects of managing substantial wealth. We help organizations take an objective role in educating their clients, whether those clients are next generation, multiple generations, or those nearing retirement.

Wharton/IPI Private Wealth Management program.

Private Wealth Management
This first-of-its-kind program for UHNW investors, now in its 23rd year, has educated over 1,000 investors from 41 countries. This program provides UHNW investors with a unique opportunity to learn from renowned Wharton finance faculty and from their peers — other wealthy investors and families who have substantial assets.


Assessing Commercial Real Estate Investments and Markets
This program is for family offices, UHNW and institutional investors who are not currently focused on real estate but wish to explore its potential for inclusion in their portfolios.

Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management
This program offers research-based tools and knowledge from the faculty of one of the world’s top finance departments. Leading experts on portfolios, investments, and markets provide diverse perspectives on portfolio management. They also examine specific investment areas, such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, real estate, and global investments. This program provides a solid foundation for building optimal portfolios, as well as effective tools for making better investments.

Private Equity: Investing and Creating Value
This program is designed for institutional investors as well as investment professionals aspiring to be better private equity managers. This program will enable participants to better understand opportunities and strategies, and develop their toolkit to be effective in investing in private equities.

Venture Capital
This program is designed for those who invest capital, such as angel investors as well as institutional investors and their advisors; entrepreneurs seeking funding for their companies in their early stages of growth; and government leaders looking to encourage entrepreneurship in local markets.

Academic Director Chris Geczy on Insights for Wealth Advisors.

Wealth Management Programs for Advisors

Client Psychology
This program, offered in partnership with the CFP Board®, aims to help financial advisers develop a more effective client-centered practice by drawing heavily on advances in psychology, behavioral finance, evidence-based decision making and the human sciences to better understand the biases, behaviors, and perceptions that impact client decision-making and financial well-being.

Certified Financial Planner

Securities Industry Institute
Launched in 1952, the Securities Industry Institute is Wharton’s largest and longest-running executive education program. It is led today by one of the most respected voices in finance: Jeremy Siegel, the Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at Wharton. This intensive certificate program, offered for one week each March, equips professionals in the securities industry with information they can directly apply to their current and future responsibilities in such areas as finance and strategy, technology and operations, legal and compliance issues, sales and marketing, and personal development and leadership.


Investment Management Consultants Association Certificate Program
The Investments & Wealth Institute™ certificate programs equip financial professionals with industry-leading investment consulting and wealth management credentials. The Investments & Wealth Institute’s Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation is considered by the industry to be the highest standard in consulting expertise. The advanced CIMA certificate program provides finance professionals with a comprehensive body of investment knowledge to help clients make sound investment choices. Participants gain expertise in a wide range of areas, including investment policy, asset allocation, risk management, international financial markets, due diligence, and manager selection.

Investments & Wealth Institute

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Partnership Program
For more than 30 years, the IFEBP has partnered with Wharton to deliver investment management education for finance professionals who concentrate on benefits and compensation. The IFEBP and Wharton programs offers specialization in three areas: group benefits, retirement, and compensation. Participants receive the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation. Programming varies by year. The portfolio of programs includes:

  • IFEBP Advanced Investments — This thorough and rigorous program examines such issues as macroeconomy and financial markets, international investing, advanced bond management, risk and return analysis of equity and real estate investments, and private equity and venture capital.
  • IFEBP Hedge Funds, Real Estate, and Other Alternatives — This program covers the current intricacies of the real estate and hedge fund markets — from distinguishing types of real estate private equity investment strategies to examining performance history and correlating alternative investments within the overall portfolio.
  • IFEBP International Investing and Emerging Markets — With a focus on investing in the global arena, this program examines emerging trends and key players in the international financial market; the effect of exchange rates on global investing and the impact of hedging on portfolio volatility; international bond markets; and nontraditional international investments.
  • IFEBP Portfolio Concepts — This program offers practical application for a solid grounding in portfolio theory and investment from the basic principles of portfolio theory (including diversification, market efficiency, and risk) to examining primary investment vehicles for employee benefit plan investors.
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Wealth Management Programs for Latin America

Family Governance LATAM, developed by the Wharton School in collaboration with the Family Business and Office School, will help families sustain their businesses, and family harmony, over time. Families and their advisors will learn how to develop appropriate governance and communication strategies that can be used to mitigate many of the issues they are likely to experience (or are experiencing).

Private Wealth Management LATAM is for financial advisors and managers of family offices for high net-worth families and individuals in Latin America. This program provides technical expertise in key investment and financial performance tools, as well as provides a holistic view of a wealthy family’s assets beyond just the investment side.