Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take one program each year, or can I complete them more quickly?
You may complete your program at a pace that best accommodates your professional development needs. The only requirement is to complete all four programs within a six-year period.

If I completed two programs in the past at Wharton, am I eligible to be considered an Aresty Scholar now?
No. You may only count one program (three days in duration or longer) since 2013 and you would need to return to Wharton to complete another program after March 1, 2016 to demonstrate your ongoing and current commitment to your professional development. If you complete any two (three-day) programs after March 1st, 2016, you will become an Aresty Scholar.

Which programs are eligible?
Any Wharton Open-Enrollment Executive Education program that runs at least three days counts toward your Certificate of Professional Development. Choose a specialized track (Finance, Leadership, or Strategy) and complete any four programs in the track. Contact one of our program consultants for more details.

I attended a Wharton Custom Program sponsored by my company. Would the Custom Program count toward my CPD or toward becoming an Aresty Scholar?
If you’ve taken an organization-sponsored Custom Program that runs at least four days, it will count toward one of the four programs needed to achieve the CPD or one of the two programs needed to become an Aresty Scholar. Contact us at +1.215.898.1776 for more details.

Do I need to “apply” for the Certificate?
No. We can help you find a certificate track that meets your professional needs. Contact us at +1.215.898.1776.

Is there an added cost?
There is no additional cost beyond the individual program tuition, which varies by program. There is no program discount given to people while they are completing their chosen CPD track.

Will I receive Wharton alumni status?
No. The certificates are non-credit, non-degree, and confer no alumni status.

If I attend a two-week program, does that count for two courses?
The four-program minimum is based on number of programs, not length, so a two-week program counts as a single program toward your CPD.

Do you offer guidance in designing a CPD?
Yes. One of our program consultants would be happy to discuss your educational needs and select an appropriate set of programs to meet them.

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