Program Experience

Highlights and Key Outcomes

In Generative AI and Business Transformation, you will gain insight to:

  • Technology, capabilities, and future potential of generative AI
  • Differences and tradeoffs of various foundational AI models and usage
  • Prompt-engineering strategies critical for optimizing AI models
  • User experience, cultural, and psychological barriers of organizational AI adoption
  • Relative strengths and weaknesses of human and artificial intelligence
  • Integration strategies for implementing a company-wide generative-AI plan

Experience & Impact

Generative AI and Business Transformation topics will explore the impact this technology has on competition, innovation, and economic growth while delving into the ethical and user-experience challenges as well as the governance frameworks involved in responsibly integrating generative AI into business organizations. Some of our program faculty experts also serve as consultants for today’s top AI companies and will provide a unique, insider’s perspective on the transformational capabilities of real-world generative AI applications.

Participants will leave empowered with added confidence, knowing they now have the technical and strategic business knowledge necessary to successfully implement generative AI into the culture, planning, and operations of their organizations.

Generative AI and Business Transformation uses a blend of thought-leadership lectures, group-based activities, real-world case study analyses, and panel discussions with industry experts to deliver a comprehensive and experiential journey through the technology, impacts, and potential of generative AI.

As a participant, you will gain a deeper understanding of the transformational capability this technology has across a wide array of professional roles and industries. You’ll also explore the human impact — taking a closer look at the emotional and psychological reactions and biases that exist around this once-in-a-generation technology.

Generative AI and Business Transformation will empower you to return to work with the ability to speak to generative AI at a higher level of expertise, allowing you to share coveted, detailed knowledge that will support your company’s digital transformation while positioning you as a topic expert. You will possess the frameworks necessary for implementing real-world generative-AI strategies within your company, and you'll have the ability to make a positive, innovative impact within your role.

Above all else, you’ll leave the program with the realization that this truly is a limited, make-or-break opportunity: those who embrace generative AI will be able to elevate themselves and their organizations, gaining a powerful advantage over the competition.

Session topics include:

  • AI and General-Purpose Technologies
  • Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs): Tech and Biases
  • AI Implementation: Integrating AI into Products and Services
  • Finetuning and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Industry Applications: Market Research
  • Consumers and AI
  • Redesigning Workflows
  • Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) Applications
  • AI and the Workplace
  • Industry Applications: Media and Entertainment
  • AI Governance

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Who Should Attend

Because generative AI will inevitably transform every professional role within an organization, this program provides exceptional advantages to executives in any and every industry who aspire to leverage its benefits, including:

  • C-suite and senior executives who need to formulate and implement generative-AI strategies
  • Product managers and marketing, sales, and strategy executives seeking a deeper understanding of how generative AI can shape their business function
  • Consultants guiding organizations through digital transformation

Fluency in English, written and spoken, is required for participation in Wharton Executive Education programs.

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Kartik Hosanagar

Kartik Hosanagar, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Co-Academic Director

John C. Hower Professor; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Internet advertising, internet marketing, and media

Puntoni Stefano

Stefano Puntoni, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Co-Academic Director

Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing; Professor of Marketing; Co-Director, Wharton Human-Centered Technology Initiative, The Wharton School

Research Interests: New technologies in marketing, technology adoption, brand management, consumer decision making

Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Ralph J. Roberts Distinguished Faculty Scholar; Associate Professor of Management; Academic Director, Wharton Interactive, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Innovation, entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, games, AI

Prasanna Tambe

Prasanna Tambe, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Economics of IT labor, technological change, and labor markets

Date, Location, & Fees

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October 28 – 31, 2024Philadelphia, PA$12,500

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