Program Experience

Highlights and Key Outcomes

In Advanced Corporate Finance, you will:

  • Consider how your financial institution or firm can effectively manage risk in today's uncertain economy
  • Determine whether it is more efficient to take on debt, offer equity, or do a combination of both when making capital structure decisions
  • Examine how valuation models change when making international financial decisions
  • Gain insight into the direction of the global economy, and how interest rates and regulatory changes will impact your corporate financial decisions
  • Understand the complexities of mergers and acquisitions

Experience & Impact

Advanced Corporate Finance makes use of Wharton's world-class academic and theoretical finance research expertise, along with rigorous quantitative analysis and real-world application. This program employs a variety of instructional modalities that enhance the learning experience, including in-class discussions, case work, small group breakout sessions, and role playing.

Wharton finance faculty — globally recognized for their research — are responsible for designing and conducting this program, while the participants come from top-ranked international companies. Together, you will explore new and key finance concepts, and expand your global outlook while enhancing your knowledge and performance.

In Advanced Corporate Finance, you will address issues like the capital structure question: Raise funds through debt, equity, or a combination of both? You will also explore real-time concerns like managing cross-border risks in today's global economy, and valuing and assessing the financial and risk implications of strategic decisions.

Harnessing these insights can give your organization a competitive advantage in a marketplace where companies are seeking new ways to procure capital, engage in mergers and acquisitions, and increasingly make high-value cross-border decisions.

Session topics include:

  • Capital Structure: Debt vs. Equity; Capital Markets
  • Global Trends: Macroeconomics, Regulation, and Financial Technology
  • International Corporate Finance: Valuation and Risk
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

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Professor Itay Goldstein talks about Advanced Corporate Finance in this interview on Wharton Business Radio, SiriusXM.

Convince Your Supervisor

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Due to our application review period, applications submitted after 12:00 p.m. ET on Friday for programs beginning the following Monday may not be processed in time to grant admission. Applicants will be contacted by a member of our Client Relations Team to discuss options for future programs and dates.

Who Should Attend

Advanced Corporate Finance is a fast-paced, comprehensive program designed for senior leaders in banking as well as executives in other industries who have strategic financial oversight of their company/division and wish to strengthen or broaden their understanding of corporate finance.

Potential participants can come from various industries (including the banking and financial services industries) and should have a finance-related job or be in a finance track. Job titles or roles include:

  • CEO, CFO, President
  • Controller, Treasurer
  • Senior Vice President, Vice President

Fluency in English, written and spoken, is required for participation in Wharton Executive Education programs unless otherwise indicated.

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Plan Your Stay

This program is held at the Steinberg Conference Center located on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia. Meals and accommodations are included in the program fees. Learn more about planning your stay at Wharton’s Philadelphia campus.

Group Enrollment

To further leverage the value and impact of this program, we encourage companies to send cross-functional teams of executives to Wharton. We offer group-enrollment benefits to companies sending four or more participants.


Itay Goldstein

Itay Goldstein, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Academic Director

Joel S. Ehrenkranz Family Professor, Professor of Finance, Professor of Economics; Chairperson, Finance Department, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Corporate finance, financial fragility and crises, financial markets

Peter Conti-Brown

Peter Conti-Brown, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Class of 1965 Associate Professor of Financial Regulation, Associate Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Central banking, financial history, financial regulation, fiscal crises, political history, public finance, the Federal Reserve

Joao Gomes

Joao Gomes, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Howard Butcher III Professor of Finance; Professor of Economics; Chairperson, Finance Department, Senior Vice Dean of Research, Centers & Academic Initiatives, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Macroeconomics and financial markets, quantitative corporate finance, corporate investment and financing

Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Joseph and Ida Sondheimer Professor in International Economics and Finance, Professor of Finance, Professor of Economics, The Wharton School

Research Interests: asset pricing, international finance, macro finance

David Musto

David Musto, PhDSee Faculty Bio

Ronald O. Perelman Professor in Finance, The Wharton School

Research Interests: Capital markets, consumer credit, financial intermediation


I was particularly interested in the fintech discussions because that’s very relevant to my work. I have a broad knowledge of finance but I don’t know much about the fintech sector. I have seen many startups in cryptocurrencies, in blockchain, etc., but there’s no systematic summary of this industry to tell you what’s good and what the shortcomings are.

This class was very valuable because it told me what’s happening in the tech end of finance. It really helped me understand the ecosystem. It was a good update for me since I’ve been away from business school for a number of years. Taking the program has helped me to better evaluate investment opportunities in this sector.

I liked the professors. I think they are very professional, not only in certain topics, but they have a broad knowledge base. They connected the dots for us, because some participants had experience in certain areas (such as fintech, mergers and acquisitions, startups, large companies) but not in other areas, and wanted to learn more.

I loved the course; I would give it 5 stars out of 5. I think it’s perfect for executives in the financial industry. I enjoyed my experience at Wharton and would consider coming back for other courses in the future.”

Carly Xiao U.S. Investment Lead, Midea Group

I am in the operations part of our business, and I am closely involved in finance. I am thinking of moving into a position that has a focus on investments and M&A, so I was looking for a program that would provide me with the basics since I do not have a degree in finance. All of the sessions were rich in terms of content, delivery, and perspective, but I got the most from those on financial management, corporate valuation and M&A.

I now have a much better understanding of the factors that are influencing the market and the sector that I work in, as well as the motivations and dynamics involved in different capital strategies. Many of the companies I work with are getting ready to sell, or are focused on buying other companies, so it is very helpful to better understand the mechanics of what they are going through. I’m now able to have conversations around why they are taking the steps they are taking, and how the financial dimension works in terms of reaching their strategic objectives.

The real strength of the program is that it provides both the broad framework of understanding the capital structure of companies and many specific examples of the decision-making associated with that capital structure in all phases of a business’s life cycle.

Only three of the participants in the program were from the United States, the rest were from around the world. I really enjoyed hearing their viewpoints, particularly about global economic trends. We spent five days in the classroom, and Wharton made it easy to stay focused on the material because distractions were eliminated. Everything was provided for you in terms of meals and accommodations. You never had to even think about where to get a coffee during a break.”

Paul Ingholt Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

I have deep knowledge of finance and business strategy, and have been involved in M&A for 25 years. Despite this experience, there is always room for greater professional development. In fact, you can never know enough, given the pace of change in business. That is what led me to Wharton. The content delivered by the finance faculty in this program is already adding value for our clients.”

William Fink Executive Vice President, Head of US Middle Market Banking, TD Bank

The program is a must for senior executives to appreciate the intricacies of competing globally, to gain a sophisticated understanding of universal trends such as the current macroeconomic environment and fintech, and to acknowledge the business risks and know to mitigate them through proper valuation. I was fully inspired by the course, and ready to drive global success for my firm. I also appreciated the opportunity to network with highly experienced and diverse professionals.”

Geraldine Longid Director of Finance—Asia Pacific, Russell Reynolds Associates

Date, Location, & Fees

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September 16 – 20, 2024Philadelphia, PA$12,500

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