Certificate of Professional Development

Wharton’s Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) provides a focused approach to executive education that can demonstrate your professional value and help you address organizational change. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility of learning within your own timeframe, without being locked in to semester deadlines. And, your accomplishment will be recognized by Wharton — setting you apart from the competition.

How will you benefit from a Wharton Certificate of Professional Development?

You need a way to stay on top of organizational changes while advancing your professional skills. Upon completing the Wharton Certificate of Professional Development (CPD), you will receive benefits such as:

  • A lifetime 20 percent discount on all three-to-five day Wharton Executive Education programs.
  • An automatic membership in Wharton’s exclusive CPD Circle, with your name, company, and photograph published on Wharton’s website.
  • A complimentary subscription to Wharton Magazine, a quarterly publication that serves as the primary source of news and emerging trends from the Wharton School, the world’s leader in global business knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • And, a one-time 10 percent program discount to a colleague you refer to a Wharton Executive Education open-enrollment program.

How will your organization benefit from a Wharton Certificate of Professional Development?

Your organization needs executives who offer innovative solutions and a competitive edge. The Wharton Certificate of Professional Development will help you enhance your contribution to your company’s success. Here’s how:

  • Wharton’s specialized learning tracks will empower you to be a better resource to your organization by building strategic skill sets that tackle immediate and long-term challenges, such as mergers, negotiations, building new business, and profiting in competitive markets.
  • Your interaction with Wharton’s leading faculty will give you the timely tools and best practices you need to build your team’s strategy and performance.
  • Your interaction with peers from a variety of industries and countries will provide you with the global insight you need to develop innovative solutions for your company.
  • Short, focused programs will allow you to efficiently develop your knowledge, with little interruption to your organization.
  • Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work on solving the real problems that face your organization today through hands-on, interactive learning sessions.

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