CPD Testimonials

The Wharton Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) provides a focused approach to executive education that can demonstrate your professional value and help you address organizational change.

Hear from executives about why they chose the Wharton Certificate of Professional Development.

I just finished my Certificate of Professional Development. I thought all of Wharton’s programs were done very well. I didn’t start with the intention of completing my certificate. I just kept finding courses that looked interesting, and I plan to continue to take classes. I find it is hard to stay focused while training in a work environment, whereas when you are in a classroom setting and surrounded by other committed people, it forces you to have the self-discipline to pay attention and you get more out of it.

Another aspect I loved was every Wharton program I went to did not have a majority of people from financial services. I was exposed to leaders in manufacturing, retail, and different distribution channels, and many came from outside the United States. In my last program I had people from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and South America — all within that classroom. So you got exposed to different industries and people from all around the world.

The classes I’ve taken at Wharton have definitely made me a better strategic thinker. It’s a nice benefit to get the certificate and I’m currently going through selections of Wharton onsite and online courses for both senior and junior people on my team.”

Joseph Iraci Managing Director, Risk Management, TD Ameritrade

I’m looking at advancing my career, and I thought what better university to invest my time in than the one that started the first business school? You learn from the best professors in the industry who are battle-tested, and you get amazing networking opportunities with peers from all over the world. Wharton gives you all the tools you need and the facilities are first class.

The biggest benefit of attending Wharton programs is seeing the big picture, especially around globalization. You connect with many international peers, not only during classroom discussions and breakouts, but afterwards when you are having dinner and talking. You get a new understanding of how Americans are perceived, and how businesses are run around the world. I am an international child and lived in different countries [growing up], but haven’t worked in different countries. Wharton has given me a better understanding of that since my next company could be based overseas. Learning about how different businesses work in regions around the world has been invaluable.”

Eric Sabato Western Regional Sales Manager, Carber Holdings Inc.

I chose Wharton for many reasons, but the primary one is the focus on knowledge for action. I didn’t want theories. I wanted to use what I learn. When I heard about the Certificate for Professional Development [CPD] I knew it was what I was looking for. I could choose four programs in different areas, taking one or two a year, to help me build the knowledge and skills I need.”

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Max Baumann CEO, Just Chill Inc.

I chose Wharton because I wanted to bolster what I’m already doing in marketing management, and to help my company with that because we were in the process of restructuring, rebranding, and recapitalizing. Everything at Wharton is all about thinking outside the box: How can you work outside the box you’ve been put in and come up with new ideas and new ways to be a leader in your field? If you want to stay current, if you want to stay relevant, if you want to be on the cutting edge and have an edge, absolutely take part in Wharton’s professional development programs.”

Jacqueline Martin National Sales Executive, MLS Group of Companies, Inc.

Wharton was the best choice for my career goals — it’s already building the foundation for me to advance and hopefully realize my ambition to lead a company as CFO one day.”

R. Adam Lee Finance Manager, Proposal Pricing and Cost Estimation, L-3 Communications

All three of the Wharton Executive Education courses I’ve taken on my path to earning my Certificate of Professional Development have proven helpful in my role as the family office manager for Mexico’s Batis family, started by Miguel Aleman Valdes, who was Mexico’s president from 1946 to 1952. I’m now serving the third generation of this entrepreneurial family, which has a rich heritage in building up Mexico’s tourism industry on the Pacific coast and more recently has invested in an airline and other entrepreneurial businesses to build up Mexico’s economy.

In my role it’s a given that you have to be good at the financial and management side, but you get judged by the way you handle the personal side of the family business. Wharton has helped me enhance my communication and negotiation skills as well as my knowledge of investing and how to evaluate businesses. My career goal is to transform this family office into a proper enterprise institution that will serve as a legacy for future generations of the family. I hope to serve not only the third generation, who are now in their mid-40s, but also the fourth generation, who are not yet in their 20s.

I’ve recommended Wharton’s programs to other family office managers and independent advisers as well as to middle managers who are looking to enhance their skills but don’t have time for a full-time MBA.”

Rafael Escalante Director of Batis Corporation Family Office Services, Mexico City, with responsibility for managing an investment portfolio valued at $2 billion

Christopher Quinley, Liang & Quinley Wealth Management

Lisa Larson, Associate Vice President, HDR Inc.

Jovelle Fernandez, MD, PhD, Head, Medical Governance and Assurance, GlaxoSmithKline

Lee Latini, Executive Director, National Retail, Comcast

Terrence R. Head, President and Founder, Outlier Global Solutions

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