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Wharton Fellows: Master Classes and Networking for Senior Executives

Oct 02, 2016 - Oct 05, 2016Singapore$11,950

Program Overview

As a senior executive, you know you need to keep up with innovations and changes in your industry, your market, and the global business environment. You can't meet today's challenges with past experience alone. But finding a learning experience that meets your needs for dynamic, high-level knowledge, delivered in real time on a schedule that works with yours, isn’t easy.

For these reasons, we created Wharton Fellows, an ongoing network of peers and Faculty and other experts who are drawn from the best of academia, business, and other relevant fields (including technology, science, politics, and the arts). The Fellows classroom is the place of business of many of the world’s most influential organizations, where we gain the most current, actionable insights into industry-transforming business models, and meet with leaders who are continuously challenging the status quo, whether running a start-up or a decades-old firm. In short, the Fellows learn to challenge their own mental models through continuous learning, positioning themselves and their organizations to meet current and future challenges.

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Impact & Experience

Wharton Fellows: Master Classes and Networking for Senior Executives provides ongoing opportunities to learn from and dialogue with organizations and industries that are successfully navigating today’s dynamic business environment. Fellows participate in discussions with some of the world’s leading business leaders and experts, and build a network of peers that affords fresh, personal insights; decision support on critical issues; and business opportunities. Each master class is limited to 50 participants to encourage interaction and dialogue, and the program is limited to top executives and high potentials/change agents. While Fellows can benefit from attending any individual Master Class, attending multiple sessions in different locations provides a more complete set of tools and new perspectives to challenge your view of the world and your own business.

Ongoing Expert Network

Upon admission, new Fellows immediately join an exclusive expert network that provides rich opportunities for ongoing, real-time, peer-to-peer interaction around critical issues. Components of the network include:

  • An exclusive, ongoing association that extends knowledge sharing on critical topics as identified by Fellows and faculty, allowing for rapid topic selection and knowledge creation. Executives can attend and interact online and/or via phone from any location in the world.
  • Membership in the virtual Fellows community, which will include knowledge sharing between members, action learning to help you apply what you learned back at your workplace, on-going threaded conversations led by Wharton faculty, and preparatory sessions for upcoming master classes.
  • Reverse mentoring with MBA students and entrepreneurs for a unique cross-generational exchange of new ways of thinking.

About Fellows

  • Fellows status is obtained after admittance to the Fellows program.
  • Fellows receive Wharton alumni status after completing 12 Master Classes.
  • At least one Master Class must be attended every two years to maintain membership.
  • A partners program is available for spouses at 75% of cost for full participation in Master Classes.

Who Attends This Program

Senior executives with more than 15 years of management experience. All candidates must submit an application for acceptance into the Fellows program prior to registering for any Master Classes.


  • Jerry Wind, PhD

    Academic Director

    Lauder Professor, Academic Director, The Wharton Fellows Program Director, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Global marketing strategy, marketing-driven corporate strategy, new product and business developmentSee Faculty Bio


"I was so impressed with the program. The pace is really good. It’s like a shot of adrenalin, of new knowledge and enthusiasm. I clear out my calendar for the Fellows Master Classes."
Victor Edozien, CEO and President, SET Enterprises, Inc.


"If you want to break through barriers, this is how to do it. It is absolutely necessary to get outside of your own context. Big ideas don’t always come from within. That is what happened with me. I was able to think outside the box because I was outside my box. It really made a difference.
Thomas Pirrone, President & CEO, SSC US, Inc.


"It was a real gift to be able to engage with people outside my industry. The dynamic nature of the group was as exciting as the program itself, and it was refreshing to see so many women in Fellows."
Karen Giberson, President, Accessories Council


"Fellows is not classroom learning. It’s in the field. You’re hearing from the horse’s mouth what companies are dealing with right now. There is a sense of urgency and timeliness. It hits you much more viscerally when you are standing in the Bloomberg corporate headquarters hearing from Michael Bloomberg, or in the Duane Reade flagship store. It’s not a case study — it’s real life."
John Wind, CEO/Designer, Maximal Art


"Many executives say they can’t take the time to come to a program like this. I say you can’t afford not to take the time. It has been the most valuable three days I have spent all year. You get more ideas for your business and get more business done during the Master Classes than you would at work.”
Dr. Eric Bernstein


"Since I attended Fellows in San Francisco and New York, we have started doing things differently. We were a top-down company for a long time. Now, we are driving innovation from the bottom up. The combination of both master classes have made an impact, and 2014 is looking very good for us."
Arjun Mahajan, Vice President, Software Folks, Inc (DBA Saviance Technologies)


"Talking to the other Fellows was like opening up a side of the world I don’t normally interact with. I wish I had started five years ago; it would have made me think more strategically, and I would have made different decisions earlier.  I lost some time not becoming a Fellow sooner."
Saumil Shukla, Vice President, Steam Operations, Con Edison


"Fellows gets you out in real world to see what other businesses are going through and what their issues are, listening to executives speaking in real time, in their own words, about what they are dealing with today. It’s not a 5 year old case study. Fellows is true experiential learning."
Alex Batson, Director of Finance, Thermo Fisher Scientific- CIDTEC Cameras and Imagers


“I chose Wharton because I wanted to bolster what I’m already doing in marketing management, and to help my company with that because we were in the process of restructuring, rebranding, and recapitalizing. Wharton Fellows — and really everything at Wharton — is all about thinking outside the box: How can you work outside the box you’ve been put in and come up with new ideas and new ways to be a leader in your field? If you want to stay current, if you want to stay relevant, if you want to be on the cutting edge and have an edge, absolutely take part in Wharton’s professional development programs.”
Jacqueline Martin, Director of Marketing and Business Development, National Medical Reviews, Inc.

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