• Tapping Strategic Knowledge


    Tapping Strategic Knowledge to Source Competitive Advantage

    Steven Covey described the shift from the industrial age to the knowledge age as early as 2006. But even today, few companies are using their knowledge assets to end run their competitors.

  • CEO Learns Leadership Lessons


    New CEO Learns Essential Leadership Lessons at Wharton

    Darren Mass became CEO of his own company at age 28, but the new role required new leadership skills. He turned to Wharton, where he is honing his “strategic edge.”

  • Finance Leaders


    Cultivating Forward-thinking Finance Leaders

    The country’s longest continuous running executive education program has helped financial services leaders grow their investment knowledge and professional skills for over 60 years.

  • Managing Culture Change

    Nano Tools for Leaders ®

    Five Steps for Managing Culture Change

    Some leaders mistakenly believe culture change is too complex to be planned and managed, allowing those who do to gain a significant competitive edge.

  • Wharton Fellows in Austin TX

    Wharton Fellows: Master Classes and Networking for Senior Executives

    Upcoming Program
    Feb. 15–18, 2015 • Austin TX

    This program’s unique format — short, global master classes and a continuously linked community of experts — helps senior leaders to meet the current and future business challenges of accelerated, disruptive change.

  • Location is Everything

    Reading List

    Location Is (Still) Everything

    In his new book, Location Is (Still) Everything, David Bell shares a startling revelation for anyone who runs an Internet business or who is thinking about starting one.

Participant Stories

About Wharton’s Strategic Persuasion Workshop: The Art and Science of Selling Ideas

“I absolutely love this program — the benefits of being part of the Wharton community for me personally have been immense. It really has given me a strategic edge to fill in all the gaps.”

Darren Mass, President and CEO of a New York-based voice and data connectivity company

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The Wharton Approach - Peter Cappelli

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