• strategy and execution

    Senior Management

    Bridging the Strategy/Execution Divide: A Tactical Approach

    The simultaneous need to create long-term strategic plans while driving the daily activities of execution presents a tremendous leadership challenge. Strengthening these two skills is the objective of a unique new program developed by a partnership between Wharton and global business school IESE.
  • diversification today


    Diversification Today — How Much Is Too Much?

    Investment professionals who come to Wharton for Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management are looking for solutions, and Wharton faculty deliver. Here, we tap into their expertise for advice on diversification and get a surprising view of the controversial Endowment Model for portfolio allocation and its competitors.
  • insights from baseball


    Game Changers: Insights from Major League Baseball

    Wharton professor David Reibstein’s connection to Major League Baseball (MLB) began a decade ago, with a call from its chief executive asking for help with revitalizing the brand. Today, Reibstein reflects on what MLB is doing right, and identifies some cutting-edge, industry-spanning marketing lessons you can start using now.
  • create better buzz

    Nano Tools for Leaders ®

    Create Better Buzz: How to Win the Word-of-Mouth Game

    Have you ever wondered why Nike’s World Cup ads, or Norwegian band Ylvis' "What Does the Fox Say?” music video went viral, while thousands of others got little or no attention? Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger shares the science — not luck — behind creating word-of-mouth.

Participant Stories

About Advanced Management Program:

“Wharton’s AMP is not for executives who just want to tick the education box. You have to want to make a change in your career, either by stepping up to a higher level or going somewhere else. It opens your eyes to what is possible. If you go through the program and you’re not able to enact the kinds of changes you are inspired to lead, you will be frustrated. That is where I was, and AMP came at the right time for me. ”

Martin Cass, CEO, MDC Media Partners and Assembly (named to this position one month after graduating from AMP)

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