March 2014 | 

A New Webinar Series for Financial Advisors

Webinar Series

Big changes in the financial markets, plus an evolution in investors’ expectations, mean it is more important than ever for financial advisors to adapt and become more responsive. “The past eight years have seen market and economic crises, extraordinary volatility, and huge gains in the equities market," says Christopher Geczy, academic director of the Wharton Wealth Management Initiative. "It's a difficult time right now, and there are real questions about whether and how to apply scientific investment principles that worked in the past. Investors are looking for answers.”

Geczy notes that financial advisors need a deeper understanding of their clients and of the current climate. “Investors, like all consumers, are more knowledgeable. They have access to a lot of free advice — some of it good, and some of it not so good. Building and maintaining an advisory business is challenging, and more advisors are turning to the high net worth end of the market for new clients.”

Later this spring, Wharton Executive Education will launch the Wharton Wealth Management Financial Advisor Webinar Series to help financial advisors gain a deeper understanding of their clients (and potential clients) and of the current climate. This webinar series will provide different perspectives and approaches for client retention and client preparedness. Advisors will learn how to adapt in today’s marketplace and understand how to market to and communicate more effectively to their current and prospective clientele.

“The Wharton Wealth Management Financial Advisor Webinar Series provides a comprehensive look at where we are today,” says Geczy. “Advisors are fielding a lot of questions from their clients right now, and we have answers.”

To receive more information about this webinar series, or to be contacted when registration opens for this new pilot program, e-mail us.