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Dec 05, 2016 - Dec 07, 2016Mumbai, IndiaRS 125,000

Please note, this program is part of the Accelerated Development Program (ADP) certificate curriculum.

Program Overview

Strong competition, both domestically and internationally, and the accelerating pace of change in the marketplace are creating formidable challenges for businesses in India. Getting the right products and services to market is essential for success in this environment. But, that requires new tools, techniques, and a conceptual framework to gain a deep understanding of your customers. Learning who they are, how they make decisions, and which customers will provide the best value to the organization will have a profound impact on your bottom line.

Customer Driven Marketing: Strategies for Profitable Growth will help you achieve your marketing goals no matter your industry. The program entails both the knowledge of conventional core concepts, including using lifetime customer value in marketing planning, developing a unique brand, and understanding distribution channels, as well as a new consumer-centric lens through which to view those concepts. This program will give you the tools you need to create a significant impact for your organization.

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Impact & Experience

You will gain a clear, in-depth understanding of core marketing concepts to identify the essential elements of a strong marketing plan and participate in and drive marketing decisions. You will:

  • Learn to use quantitative analysis and sound conceptual arguments to make — and justify — marketing decisions.
  • Recognize the value of your brands and how to enhance that value.
  • Build a disciplined approach to analyzing marketing situations by understanding and applying key principles.
  • Learn qualitative methods for successfully taking new ideas to market and for revitalizing products and services already on the market so that they reach their full potential.

In addition to the qualitative and quantitative methods, the program uses interactive lectures and hands-on exercises to give you a deeper understanding of your customers and the strategic role marketing plays throughout the organization.

Among the seven program sessions, topics include:

  • Positioning New Products and Services
  • Customers as Assets
  • Designing and Managing Product Line
  • Managing Consumer Experiences

Who Attends This Program

This program will benefit high potential business leaders across the organization (in areas, such as R&D, operations, finance, and product development). No formal marketing experience is necessary, although participants should have significant work experience and a proven record of advancement.


  • Jagmohan Raju, PhD

    Joseph J. Aresty Professor; Professor of Marketing; Vice Dean, Executive Education, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Competitive strategy, pricing, retailingSee Faculty Bio

Program Logistics

Please note, this program is part of the Accelerated Development Program (ADP) certificate curriculum. Learn more about the ADP.

Tuition includes lunches, breaks, and program materials, and does not include accommodations.

For more information, please contact Eruditus Executive Education by email or by phone at +91.22.6162 3112 (Mumbai). Visit the Eruditus website.

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