Financial Services


The Wharton School is noted for its multi-disciplinary research approach to the challenges and opportunities facing the financial services industry in the search for competitive excellence. At Wharton Executive Education, we design and deliver programs that help financial firms rise to today’s challenges: recovery from the financial crisis, regulatory changes, mobile banking technology, new pricing models, the growing shift from a product-driven approach to a more customer-centric focus, and more.


Increased global competitiveness in the corporate and retail arenas and the more stringent regulatory reserve requirements have heightened global demand for developing employee capabilities. Wharton Executive Education currently works with clients in North and South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. In 2012, we celebrated a 60-year financial services industry partnership with the annual Securities Industry Institute, the longest running custom executive education program in the United States. Our financial services areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate and Retail Banking
  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Equity
  • Alternative investments
  • Real estate

Thought Leadership

Wharton Executive Education creates educational experiences that will transform the way your firm does business. In creating a custom engagement, we may draw on Wharton resources such as these:

Financial Institutions Center

Technology, regulatory changes, and globalization are revolutionizing the financial services industry. The Financial Institutions Center is dedicated to addressing the many important issues that result. Through coursework and communications designed for academics, financial practitioners, and policy makers, the Center helps industry members and students of financial services keep pace with the changes that affect their lives and their work. Visit the Center's website »

Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research

The Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research is dedicated to advancing of quantitative finance through the creation and dissemination of innovative knowledge. The Jacobs Levy Center aims to enhance understanding of financial markets through the study and promotion of quantitative techniques and methods, as applied to such fields as the analysis of domestic and international stocks and bonds, the management of investment portfolios, and corporate finance. Visit the Center's website »

Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research

Through a wide range of financial research, a working paper series, a reprint series, and a highly respected annual seminar, the White Center has established itself as an important source of information to the financial community. Members can participate in groundbreaking financial research, and the center provides several of research grants to Wharton faculty members each year. Visit the Center's website »

Boettner Center for Pensions and Retirement Research

The Boettner Center supports scholarly research, teaching, and outreach on global aging, successful retirement, and public and private pensions. The center also disseminates research findings to international audiences of academics and policymakers and supports data development efforts at the University of Pennsylvania. Visit the Center's website »

Pension Research Council

The Pension Research Council sponsors interdisciplinary research on the entire range of private-pension and Social security programs, as well as related benefit plans in the United States and around the world. Council projects are motivated by a need to address the long-term issues that underlie contemporary concerns. The Council seeks to broaden public understanding of these complex arrangements through research into their social, economic, legal, actuarial, and financial foundations of privately and publicly-provided benefits. Members of the Council's Board, appointed by the Dean of the Wharton School, are leaders in the employee benefits field. Visit the Center's website »

Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research

Ethical issues in financial services and global business transactions, as well as the relationship between markets and morality, are emphasized in the research sponsored, conducted, and disseminated by the Zicklin Center. This vital resource serves as a focal point for the interaction of business, professional, and academic leaders concerned about responsibility in business. Visit the Center's website »

Risk Management and Decision Processes Center

Low-probability events with potentially catastrophic consequences, such as natural and technological hazards and industrial risk, are the chief concern of this Center. Through a program of descriptive research (exploring how people interact and make decisions regarding risk) and prescriptive analysis (proposing ways that people and groups can make better risk-related decisions), the Center investigates the effectiveness of incentive systems, insurance, regulation, the communication of risk information, and other strategies. Visit the Center's website »

Mack Institute for Innovation Management

The Mack Institute for Innovation Management is an exclusive network that connects business leaders, researchers, world-class Wharton faculty, and students. At the Institute, thought leaders from across academic disciplines and industries come together to explore how companies survive, compete, and thrive through innovation management. The Institute’s multidisciplinary faculty and researchers develop practical approaches to managing innovation and share this knowledge through thought-provoking conferences, workshops, and publications. Visit the Institute's website »

Wharton Faculty Research Initiatives in China

Visit the Initiative's website »

Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI)

The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is the authoritative thought-leading academic research center focused on the data-driven study of individual-level customer behavior. Designed to capitalize on the Wharton School’s longstanding strength in conducting data-driven research, WCAI influences decision making across a plethora of industries ranging from online technology to financial services, e-commerce to non-profits, interactive media to telecommunications, pharmaceuticals to mobile device platforms. Visit the Center's website »

Wharton Global Family Alliance

The Wharton Global Family Alliance develops in-depth research about family businesses, primarily in the areas of governance, philanthropy, and wealth management. It combines rigorous scholarly research with the practical experience of successful global families to highlight the social impact of families worldwide. It has become the knowledge leader in family business research, offering a robust research agenda and a wide variety of outreach programs to a global audience. Visit the Center's website »

Tools & Solutions

We have partnered with a range of world-class financial firms to create transformative executive education experiences. Some examples of our custom education engagements include:

Risk Management

Recognizing the need to adjust to the “new normal” of the dynamic regulatory environment in the United States, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has partnered with Wharton since 2008 to equip their leaders with the tools they need to become more strategically agile problem solvers and managers. We created multiple tiers of programming that targeted high-potential managers and pre-officer levels. The cascaded tiers were integrated through intense pre- and post-collaborative design, using feedback from the senior level participants to design a more focused program for their direct reports and address current developmental gaps. Topics covered in the senior level program included leadership, culture, cross organization collaboration, and communication. Participants had multiple post program virtual classroom sessions to extend the impact of the program and further focus on real time practical application. Numerous alumni of the program have been promoted to the officer level. Managers have also noted a pronounced shift in decision-making and problem-solving abilities for their direct reports.

Corporate Banking

In 2010, the Westpac Group committed to dramatically improve its managers’ leadership capabilities. The aim was to develop 5,000 world class leaders who could operationalize Westpac’s 2017 strategy by engaging and achieving high performance from 38,000 employees. To deliver on this commitment, Westpac designed and built a systematic,  compelling approach to develop the skills, capabilities and attributes of its leaders. Westpac chose to partner with Wharton Executive Education and the Australian Graduate School of Management to leverage the thought leadership of each institution in developing the core capabilities needed to realize their strategy. Westpac’s Learning & Development team was recently honored by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) with the 2012 Wayne Cascio Award for Organizational Development and Leadership.

Retail Banking

Wharton Executive Education has worked with more than a half dozen Chinese Second Tier and City Commercial Banks in the past year, as these institutions seek to address increased competition, the deregulation of interest rates, the increased demand for customer-centric product offerings and the opportunity for growth in the wealth management sector. Programs typically last two or more weeks, with visits to commercial, historic, and cultural entities of interest built in. Expert translation services of our core group of interpreters accompany challenging academic content.


  • Raphael Amit, PhD

    Robert B. Goergen Professor of Entrepreneurship, Professor of Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, family business, venture capital financingSee Faculty Bio

  • George Day, PhD

    Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Competitive strategies in global markets, strategic planning processesSee Faculty Bio

  • Christopher Geczy, PhD

    Adjunct Professor of Finance; Academic Director, Wharton Wealth Management Initiative; Academic Director, Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research, The Wharton School

    See Faculty Bio

  • Mauro Guillén, PhD

    Dr. Felix Zandman Professor, Professor of International Management, The Wharton School; Director, The Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interests: Globalization, international political economy, multinational managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Richard Herring, PhD

    Jacob Safra Professor of International Banking, Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: International banking, international finance, money and bankingSee Faculty Bio

  • Richard C. Marston, PhD

    James R. F. Guy Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Foreign exchange risk management, international asset pricing, international investmentsSee Faculty Bio

  • Michael Roberts, PhD

    William H. Lawrence Professor, Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Applied econometrics, corporate investment, capital structureSee Faculty Bio