Accelerated Development Program

Accelerated Development Program


Wharton's Accelerated Development Program (ADP) is a certificate program for high-potential business leaders in India and Dubai. It is particularly designed for those rising leaders who wish to refine their business acumen and enhance their professional development.

Wharton's ADP features the same world-class faculty and content that this internationally-recognized business school already provides companies, organizations, and individuals on its historic campus at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

What distinguishes Wharton's ADP from other business school offerings in India is that it will go beyond the classroom sessions to help participants become more reflective and proactive in managing their careers.

ADP offers participants an option of two Tracks in which to earn their certificate. Participants who complete the certificate in Track 1 will attend executive education programs in India or Dubai. Participants in Track 2 will select one executive education program to attend at the Wharton School's Philadelphia campus in the United States. No other business school in India currently offers these types of additional benefits.

Track Offerings

Four Wharton Executive Education programs in India or Dubai

Two Wharton Executive Education programs in India or Dubai, and one program at Wharton’s Philadelphia campus in the United States. The Wharton Philadelphia program will be offered at a discount of 25%.

ADP Programs Offered in India

To learn more or to apply, please visit the program pages below:

ADP Programs Offered in the Middle East

Certificate of Accelerated Development

Participants who successfully complete Track 1 or Track 2 will receive a Certificate of Accelerated Development from the Wharton School recognizing their achievement in the Accelerated Development Program. Participants have up to two years to complete the required courses to receive the certificate.

Executives who are only interested in enrolling in one program can choose to forgo the certificate and take Wharton executive education programs in India or Dubai à là carte. You can pick and choose whichever program you find most appealing. Each Wharton Executive education program offered in India is priced from Rs. 120,000–225,000 + service tax.

However, we recommend that if you are interested in at least two of the programs offered as part of the Accelerated Development Program certificate that you enroll in Track 1 or Track 2, so that you can receive the full benefits of this comprehensive program. Program space is limited, and enrollment priority will be given to ADP Certificate Track applicants.

Who Attends This Program

Who Attends This Program

Participants in the ADP exhibit a rich breadth of experience across various sectors in business, government, and non-profits. They represent a broad range of functions, years of work experience, and varied international exposure. While all of our participants will have a minimum of 10 years of managerial experience, many will have significantly more. All participants are expected to highlight fast track career progress and demonstrate prior leadership achievements.

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For more information about the Accelerated Development Program, please download the brochure.

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A number of programs within Wharton's Finance, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, and Strategy Portfolios apply for ADP Track 2. For further details about the track programs or Wharton's Accelerated Development Program, please contact Eruditus Executive Education by email or phone +91.22.6162 3112 (Mumbai, India).

About Eruditus Executive Education

Eruditus Executive Education delivers high quality executive education programs to Indian corporations and participants. Eruditus collaborates with global business schools and renowned faculty to provide programs targeted at India's growing leadership talent pool.

Wharton Executive Education programs, including the Accelerated Development Program (ADP), are non-credit and non-degree granting. Participants who successfully complete three ADP-eligible programs will receive a Certificate of Accelerated Development from the Wharton School. Certificate recipients will not receive a Wharton degree nor have Wharton alumni status.