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When you just focus on one topic and can tap into faculty who have decades of experience, the learning is powerful.”
— Randy Breitman, President, SEB Realty

Successful leaders know their value lies not only in managing teams and running organizations, but in inspiring others, setting purposeful goals, executing strategic visions, and creating cultures of excellence. Our leadership programs are designed to challenge your current perceptions about leadership and the values that shape it, encouraging you to think and lead differently.

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Professor Nancy Rothbard on how Wharton teaches leadership

For executives in the C-suite and other senior-level roles, Wharton provides invaluable business insight to lead, influence, and effect change.

From exploring strategic vision, power and influence, and organizational change to coaching teams for high-performance results, our programs advance leadership skills at every level.

Raise self-awareness and achieve a new level of confidence in your ability to negotiate and persuade in different business settings.

Gain new leadership skills through programs that are actionable and practical.

Senior Leadership

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Team & Individual Leadership

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Download the Program Calendar for Individuals today