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Advanced Management Program

May 31, 2015 - Jul 03, 2015Philadelphia$55,000
Sep 27, 2015 - Oct 30, 2015Philadelphia$55,000

A Transformative Five Weeks

Today’s executives operate in an increasingly uncertain and complex business world. Since 1988, senior executives have relied on the Wharton Advanced Management Program (AMP) to separate the signal from the noise to amplify their leadership impact.

AMP is an immersive five-week executive management program based on real-time business dynamics, economic challenges and opportunities, global trends, and market shifts. Wharton’s AMP faculty brings extensive business knowledge, research and expertise to bear on all aspects of this thought leader training program.

AMP is selective; only about 60 executives are accepted per session. The result: an optimal learning environment, with a globally diverse group of executives.

Impact & Experience

Wharton AMP becomes a defining moment in one's career, — our AMP alumni call it life changing. Senior leaders who attend AMP should expect to sharpen their critical thinking skills and hone their leadership capabilities for immediate impact to their businesses upon their return. Upon completion of AMP, participants are better prepared to:

  • Authentically lead their organization to inspire and inspire a higher level of performance.
  • Align resources with strategy to create a more resilient and agile organization.
  • Formulate a corporate vision and set a new direction for their organizations.
  • Create greater shareholder value.
  • Reimagine customer and supplier relationships.
  • Replace binary thinking with more critically integrated design thinking.
  • Persuade, influence, and negotiate expertly.
  • Balance corporate social responsibility with fiduciary realities.

Curriculum and Approach

The core curriculum — management, marketing, finance, strategy, and organizational dynamics — comes to life through experiential learning. The rigor and diversity of the AMP experience strengthens the bonds between multicultural peers, between ideas and implementation, and between Wharton and its alumni around the world.

AMP offers a comprehensive curriculum and experiential approach that creates an invaluable, reflective pause from routine. Participants complete the program with a tremendous reserve of strategies, practices, and global and self-awareness that can be put to immediate use and mobilized for virtually any contingency. Participants experience:

  • World-renowned faculty who are the sought-after, trusted advisors of corporations and governments worldwide.
  • Innovative and continually fine-tuned curriculum that weaves together lessons from business, arts, and sciences.
  • Experiential learning that builds business acumen while drawing in both analytic and creative thinking skills.
  • New frameworks, models, and practices for managing the increasing speed of change in a volatile global environment.
  • An iPad tablet computer containing the entire AMP instructional package, including course materials and faculty publications, and the ability to make video calls to stay in touch back home.

More than Business Acumen

Research shows that learning is accelerated and memory retention enhanced through exposure to multiple methods of learning. AMP is designed on this principle, with four key components that set it far apart from competitive programs:

  • Peer mentoring. Learn with and from other senior executives from around the world to forge a new and expanding professional network.
  • Real-time context. Go beyond historical case studies to explore conditions that can affect business today and into the future
  • Guided practice and reflection. Gain multiple perspectives on a situation then intuiting and reflecting, prompting personal and professional growth.
  • Intimate group size. About 60 participants bring diverse perspectives from various countries, vertical industries, business disciplines and cultural backgrounds, yet preserve intimate dialogue with faculty and each other.

Who Attends This Program

Although AMP participants come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, they share key qualities:

  • Role: A senior executive within three reporting relationships of the CEO or managing director.
  • Reference: Nominated by the CEO, division president, or senior corporate human resources officer.
  • Language: High level of English proficiency to actively engage in group discussions and reading assignments [Scores for the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), taken within the past two years, must be 800 or higher]*

    *If you have less than one year of experience working in an English-speaking environment, or if you are unsure about your current level of English, please contact us immediately at We will schedule an appointment for you to speak with one of our language specialists about our business English language programs. The Admissions Committee may also require an interview by phone.

For a list of companies that have leveraged Wharton AMP for their senior executives’ business education, please download our AMP Brochure.

A Global, Lifelong Network

Upon completing AMP, participants become Wharton alumni, part of one of the largest and most distinguished business school alumni organizations in the world — with more than 92,000 members in more than 130 nations, and supported by 77 U.S. and international clubs and annual forums.


The interactive and intensive nature of AMP allows participants get to work closely with some of the finest minds and thought leaders in the world of business. Following is a partial list of participating Wharton faculty. (Faculty for specific programs may change.)

  • David Bell, PhD

    Faculty Director

    Xinmei Zhang and Yongge Dai Professor, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: E-commerce, traditional retail, consumer shopping behavior See Faculty Bio

  • Sigal Barsade, PhD

    Joseph Frank Bernstein Professor of Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Emotional intelligence, organizational culture, team dynamicsSee Faculty Bio

  • George Day, PhD

    Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor; Professor of Marketing; Co-Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management; Director, Emerging Technologies Management Research Program, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Competitive strategies in global markets, strategic planning processesSee Faculty Bio

  • Thomas Donaldson, PhD

    Mark O. Winkelman Professor, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Business ethics, corporate compliance, corporate governanceSee Faculty Bio

  • Peter Fader, PhD

    Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor, Professor of Marketing, Co-Director of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Lifetime value of the customer, sales forecasting for new products, behavioral dataSee Faculty Bio

  • Adam Grant, PhD

    Professor of Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Work motivation, helping and giving behaviors, job design and meaningful work, leadershipSee Faculty Bio

  • Witold Henisz, PhD

    Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management, in Honor of Russell E. Palmer, former Managing Partner; The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Stakeholder engagement, political and economic reform, project managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Barbara Kahn, PhD

    Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor, Professor of Marketing; Director, Jay H. Baker Retailing Center, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Brand loyalty, consumer choice, customer relationship managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Ian MacMillan, DBA

    The Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor of Management; Director, Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, new venture management, strategic managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Richard C. Marston, PhD

    James R.F. Guy Professor of Finance, Professor of Economics; Director, Weiss Center for International Financial Research, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Foreign exchange risk management, international asset pricing, international investmentsSee Faculty Bio

  • Nancy Rothbard, PhD

    David Pottruck Professor of Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Emotion and identity, work motivation and engagement, work-life and career developmentSee Faculty Bio

  • G. Richard Shell, JD

    Thomas Gerrity Professor, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management, The Wharton School

    See Faculty Bio

  • Jeremy Siegel, PhD

    Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Demographics, financial markets, long-run asset returns, macroeconomicsSee Faculty Bio

  • Michael Useem, PhD

    William and Jacalyn Egan Professor of Management; Editor, Wharton Leadership Digest; Director, Center for Leadership and Change Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Corporate change and restructuring, leadership, decision making, and governanceSee Faculty Bio

  • David Wessels, PhD

    Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    See Faculty Bio

Program Logistics

Tuition for Philadelphia programs includes lodging and most meals. Prices are subject to change. Contact a member of the Wharton Executive Education Client Relations team for more information on course specifics and to discuss how this program can meet your professional development needs. Please contact them by e-mail or by phone at +1.215.898.1776.

Plan Your Stay


How will I manage a five-week hiatus from my job?

Research and experience indicate that five intense weeks (Monday through Saturday) provide the right level of rigor and immersion for a senior management audience. While this is a significant time commitment, successful leaders are able to convert this time away into an opportunity that extends beyond the AMP experience itself. They delegate their daily and monthly tasks to others in their organization, preparing them for greater responsibility. When participants return to the office, they often choose to maintain the new delegation of duties to gain more time to implement the new practices and ideas gained at AMP.

How is Wharton AMP different from executive education programs at other business schools?

Wharton AMP is grounded in key components of peer mentoring, real time context, and guided practice and reflection. While case studies come into play, learning is largely experiential and interactive.

  • Wharton AMP is exclusive and selective, with a maximum of about 60 participants. This size class is large enough to foster diversity of vertical industries, disciplines, and cultures, but small enough to build strong relationships will all classmates. Other schools often have in excess of 100 participants per program session.
  • Wharton AMP participants spend at least six hours daily with Wharton faculty. Elsewhere, faculty members spend much less time with participants, or the majority of primary program instructors are outside consultants and professionals who aren't standing faculty.
  • Wharton AMP includes case studies as part of the curriculum, but they're not the main focus. Wharton faculty members bring real-time, up-to-date information and trends into the sessions in order to spark discussions about future goals and the possibilities of tomorrow. Other programs rely primarily on historical case studies to educate and illustrate business practices.
  • Wharton AMP provides participants with their own iPad tablet computer with a Community Platform as part of the instructional package. All course material and faculty publications are preloaded onto the device, which makes it easy to review lessons during AMP and stay connected afterward, when participants return home. They can also use it to make video calls and stay in touch.
How much does it cost, and what forms of payment are accepted?

The total AMP fee is $55,000. This includes private accommodations, most meals, and all program materials.

If you are accepted into  AMP, we will issue your company an invoice. Payment in full – by check, wire transfer, or credit card – must be received before the program start date.

How do I pay for it?

If you are accepted to AMP, we will issue your company an invoice. Payment in full (by check, wire transfer, or credit card) must be received before the program start date.

Where is the program held?

Two program sessions are offered per year, in the summer and fall, in Philadelphia. Participants live in residence and attend classes in the Steinberg Conference Center Here they receive attentive service from an expert staff and such premium amenities as premium guestrooms with personal computers and flat-screen TVs, five-star dining, a fitness center, dry cleaning, and concierge services. Coffee bars with espresso and fully stocked refreshment areas are available throughout the day's sessions, providing a taste of Philadelphia and specialties from around the world.

The Steinberg Conference Center is on the vibrant and historic campus of the University of Pennsylvania. It is surrounded by the culture, history, and vitality of the birthplace of the United States. The City of Philadelphia is renowned for its wealth of restaurants, theatre, sports venues, and entertainment.

Participants can explore Philadelphia by train, bus, taxi, bicycle, or on foot. A major transportation hub, 30th Street Station, is just blocks away, with access to Amtrak trains that travel the nation and Septa trains for local and regional stops. Philadelphia International Airport is nearby, accessible by train from 30th Street Station.

Can my spouse or family attend?

During the last two days of each program, spouses, partners, or other guests are welcome to take part in the Partners' Program, which features selected AMP sessions and social activities. After more than four weeks of absence, participants welcome this shared experience and find it greatly enhances and eases their return to their home and work environments.

Will I become a Wharton alumnus/alumnae if I complete the program?

Yes, completion of AMP confers alumni status. You will be joining one of the largest business school alumni organizations in the world. With more than 92,000 members who live and work in more than 130 nations, the Wharton alumni network helps you stay informed through annual forums around the world. In additional to a lifelong Wharton email address, AMP graduates receive a full complement of print and online communications.

I graduated from university several years ago. Do I need to brush up on my finance or business algorithms to attend?

AMP participants come from different professional and educational backgrounds, so the program starts with a quick immersion into key business components. This helps to build a common language before rapidly advancing to a higher, more sophisticated level.

The entire five-weeks have been carefully crafted to address the overarching knowledge and leadership needs of top executives, not undergraduate business majors or recent MBA graduates. We are preparing these senior leaders for their next challenge within their organizations or beyond, and that means becoming "ambidextrous" in business — seeing all perspectives and being equipped with a new global network and framework to draw upon.

Is there an application deadline?

Admissions are done on a rolling basis, so the earlier you submit your application the better.

TIP: It is best to apply at least three to six months in advance of the program date you wish to attend. This should ensure adequate timing for you to delegate your monthly tasks and provide an opportunity to guide and coach your colleagues before your departure. With sufficient time and planning, you will feel confident that everything will be in good hands during your absence.

I've been accepted to AMP, but I'm unable to attend. What should I do?

We are more than happy to reschedule your attendance for the next program date, or we can work with you to identify a more convenient session.

Please note these AMP transfer and cancellation policies:

Transfer of Registration:

  • Transfer requests received within 45–14 days prior to the start of the program will incur a 30% transfer fee.
  • Transfers received fewer than 14 days prior will incur a 50% transfer fee.

Cancellation of Registration:

  • Cancellation requests received prior to 45 days in advance of the program start date will incur a charge of 35%.
  • Cancellation requests received 45–14 days prior to the program start date will incur a charge of 50%.
  • Cancellations received fewer than 14 days prior to the start of the program will forfeit the entire tuition amount.
English isn't my native language and I don't work in an English-language environment. Can I still attend?

All AMP candidates must be fluent in English to complete reading assignments and to actively engage in group discussions and activities. AMP is an intense program, and being able to fully communicate in English with your executive peers and Wharton faculty is an integral part of the experience.

If you have taken the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) within the past two years, your score must be 800 or higher.

If you have less than one year's experience working in an English-speaking environment, or if you are unsure about your current level of English, please contact us immediately at We can better advise you then.

What other executive education programs does Wharton have for senior executives?

We have many Executive Education programs that enable business leaders to harness and exploit the speed of change that's happening across their industries, markets, economies, and other related aspects, at home and abroad. All are based on real-time business dynamics, economic challenges and opportunities, global trends, and market shifts.

Additions and refinements to the curriculum are constantly considered. We fully expect half of the programs we will offer in five years to be ones that have yet to be developed.

To see our current list of programs, please visit the Senior Management Development Programs section.

How can I stay up-to-date on Wharton Executive Education events and programs?

Subscribe to our free monthly digital newsletter Wharton@Work. Just fill out the subscription form or visit our archive of past issues.

I have a question that isn't addressed here. Whom can I contact?

For more information, please contact a Program Consultant at +1.215.898.1776 or by e-mail.


“Wharton’s AMP is not for executives who just want to tick the education box. You have to want to make a change in your career, either by stepping up to a higher level or going somewhere else. It opens your eyes to what is possible. If you go through the program and you’re not able to enact the kinds of changes you are inspired to lead, you will be frustrated. That is where I was, and AMP came at the right time for me.”
Martin Cass, CEO at MDC Media Partners and Assembly, a New York City-based marketing and advertising firm.

Responses among participants in the Authentic Leadership sessions in AMP have been outstanding. The sessions have received some of the highest AMP program scores in participant evaluations. In the following testimonials, participants relate how the sessions have had a transformative effect not only upon their leadership development, but in aspects of their personal life as well.

"AMP 56 was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The experience was analogous with peeling away the layers of an onion. This forced deep introspection (something that I hadn't done for a very long time) which created an unbelievable level of renewed self-awareness. For me the programme design helped surface the 'real me.' Whilst these onion layers were being peeled away I realized how outdated many of the tools that I used in business had become. Some needed replacing and others needed sharpening. Most importantly, in this exposed state, we developed meaningful friendships and an extended community that nurtured each of us, helping us rebuild ourselves. I left a far more complete and better human being than when I arrived."

Doug Leather, REAP Consulting Ltd.

"My main experience has been as a commercial director for Heineken in the Congo for the last four years. The Congo is an extreme business environment. On the one side, you have to hit your numbers, you have to make your plans, you have to brief your agencies — you're just behaving as if you are running any other big fast-moving consumer operation. But you're in a bizarre business environment. The Congo — the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) is rock-bottom from any perspective. If you take the United Nations Human Development Index, Congo is in the bottom five for poverty, and the top five for corruption. It is the worst place in the world to do business according to the IFC/World Bank. And being relatively young to the position in such an environment has been an incredible stretch for me. It has been an incredible learning and development experience whereby I learned more than how to drive business.

The most striking moments have been where I have had to make decisions that went further than business. These were literally about life and death. I've been in a situation where some people tried to hijack or arrest me, probably for ransom, and where I had to fight to get free, physically breaking loose to get away. Besides, I have been responsible for our people and brewery at a moment of great instability, when serious fighting erupted in the center of Kinshasa very close to the brewery. At such moments you are called upon to make very tough choices and decisions that normally would not be within the scope of a manager of a FMCG firm.

Through this Authentic Leadership (AL) experience, I realized that what I've been doing in the Congo is my real purpose — to lead with wisdom. That's something I realized thanks to the AL sessions. Somewhere deep down, you know your purpose. You feel it. But you're not able to articulate it. In these sessions, in a surprisingly short timeframe — within two days, with complete strangers, you are able to articulate your purpose. So, it has been a fantastic experience. And it's already helped me during the Advanced Management Program, and I'm sure it's going to help me by making me much more articulate and conscious about my purpose. It will help me in making the choices I make while in my current job, and in making choices about what kind of position I will strive for in the future and how I will perform in that new position."
Dolf van den Brink, Bralima S.A.R.L. /Heineken N.V.

"My experience at the AMP program has been the best educational experience I have ever had. I would never have imagined the impact that Wharton has made in my life, company, and within the security industry. In these difficult economic times, my company business has been booming with new growth and I have no problems getting credit. I really believe that all of this has been because of Wharton. I put Wharton learning into action with my company, and that has been the key for me."
Kent Moyer, CEO/President, The World Protection Group, Inc.


"Without doubt, the Advanced Management Program was the most stimulating educational experience I have had. It made me think deeply about the impact of global competition on my industry and how the lessons from other industries can be applied. The human dimension was particularly valuable and helped me reflect on my role and my future career. The whole experience was first-rate."
Valerie Gooding, BUPA


"When I joined Unilever Turkey, I was the only foreigner on the board. Wharton's Advanced Management Program focused on how to manage a transnational organization in a fast-moving environment. I did things I probably wouldn't have done before, like taking the high ground and staying there as long as possible. From the program, I have a personal toolkit that I refer to quite often."
Philippe Barthen, Unilever

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