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Executive Development Program

Sep 11, 2016 - Sep 23, 2016Philadelphia, PA$26,000
Nov 06, 2016 - Nov 18, 2016Philadelphia, PA$26,000

Program Overview

In today's complex, fast-paced, competitive environment, executives must be adept at moving quickly out of their comfort zones to build new capabilities. Wharton's Executive Development Program (EDP) prepares fast-track leaders to move from mastery of one focused area to success in a broader role. During two intense, transformative weeks, you will expand your business acumen in key areas as you benefit from the expertise of global participants from a wide variety of industries, functional areas, cultures, and geographical regions.

The knowledge you gain from group discussions led by Wharton faculty, a competitive strategy simulation that dramatizes the connection between management decisions and business results, and peer mentoring will have immediate relevance and impact when you are back on the job.

Impact & Experience

The Executive Development Program is designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of managers who lead key parts of the business and form the pool of future top leadership of the organization. It uses a multidimensional approach of lectures, small/large group discussion, case study, role playing, campus networking opportunities, and a strategy simulation to provide new insights and give you opportunities to apply them. During the two-week program you will:

  • Advance your strategic decision-making capabilities to think faster and more creatively about current competitive strategies and solutions.
  • Deepen understanding of organizational dynamics to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives and avoid destructive conflicts.
  • Build capabilities for leading cross-border teams across functions and countries.
  • Develop knowledge in core areas of business, including finance, marketing, management, and strategy based on current research and best practice.
  • Put your knowledge and skills to the test in a custom strategy simulation that incorporates program content, sustainability issues, and teamwork.
  • Develop a global network of peers and experts.
  • Create a plan to implement the lessons of EDP when you return to work.

A team of faculty and experts, from diverse business disciplines, provide in-depth knowledge in core business areas including finance, strategy, leadership, marketing, organizational dynamics, and globalization. Class sessions are designed to capture the years of experience in the room. Learning groups provide opportunities for exploring issues across business and cultural boundaries, and social activities promote a spirited camaraderie that leads to deep and lasting connections.

Session Topics

Executive Development Program sessions include:

  • Valuing Strategic Decisions — John Percival, PhD
  • Operations Management and Link to Financial Performance — Christian Terwiesch, PhD
  • Marketing Strategy — Barbara Kahn, PhD
  • Managing Global Policy Risks — Witold Henisz, PhD
  • Creating and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage — Nicolaj Siggelkow, PhD
  • The Power of Corporate Culture and How to Harness It — Greg Urban, PhD
  • Mergers & Acquisitions — Harbir Singh, PhD
  • Executive Negotiation Workshop — Richard Shell, PhD
  • Leadership and Integrity — Mike Useem, PhD
  • Team Dynamics — Mario Moussa, PhD
  • Leading Through Emotional Intelligence — Sigal Barsade, PhD
  • Motivation and Engagement — Adam Grant, PhD

Who Attends This Program

Wharton's Executive Development Program is designed for successful functional, country, or unit managers preparing to take on broader responsibilities that require leading outside their areas of education and experience.

Participants represent many cultures and regions, and more than half are typically from outside the United States. They include leaders from across all disciplines, including marketing and sales, research and development, accounting and finance, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing and engineering, human resources, and information technology. Likewise, they come from a variety of industry vertical groups, such as pharmaceuticals and health care, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and high technology.


A Concentration of Knowledge

The program is delivered by a diverse and talented team of senior faculty in management, finance, operations, marketing, and other disciplines. All of our faculty are active researchers and consultants, who are able to bridge theory and practice.

* Please note that these are core faculty and may not be in every program.

  • Peter Fader, PhD

    Academic Director

    Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor, Professor of Marketing; Co-Director, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Lifetime value of the customer, sales forecasting for new products, behavioral dataSee Faculty Bio

  • Witold Henisz, PhD

    Deloitte & Touche Professor of Management in Honor of Russell E. Palmer, former Managing Partner; The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Stakeholder engagement, political and economic reform, project managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Barbara Kahn, PhD

    Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor, Professor of Marketing; Director, Jay H. Baker Retailing Center, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Brand loyalty, consumer choice, customer relationship managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Mario Moussa, PhD

    President, Moussa Consulting

    See Faculty Bio

  • Michael Roberts, PhD

    William H. Lawrence Professor, Professor of Finance, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Applied econometrics, corporate investment, capital structureSee Faculty Bio

  • G. Richard Shell, JD

    Thomas Gerrity Professor, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management; Chairperson, Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department, The Wharton School

    See Faculty Bio

  • Nicolaj Siggelkow, PhD

    David M. Knott Professor, Professor of Management; Co-Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Competitive strategy, firms as systems of interconnected choicesSee Faculty Bio

  • Harbir Singh, PhD

    Mack Professor of Management; Co-Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management; Vice Dean for Global Initiatives, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Corporate governance, corporate restructuring, management buyouts, strategies for corporate acquisitionsSee Faculty Bio

  • Christian Terwiesch, PhD

    Andrew M. Heller Professor; Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics; Co-Director, William and Phyllis Mack Institute for Innovation Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Analyzing operational performance, innovation management, R&D managementSee Faculty Bio

  • Greg Urban, PhD

    The Arthur Hobson Quinn Professor, Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

    See Faculty Bio

Program Logistics

Tuition for Philadelphia programs includes lodging and meals. Prices are subject to change. Contact a member of the Wharton Executive Education Client Relations team for more information on course specifics and to discuss how this program can meet your professional development needs. Please contact them by email or by phone at +1.215.898.1776.

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"The learning we experienced during the two intense weeks of EDP was immense. The program was well defined, covering all major facets of management in an industry context, and supported with case studies. One especially outstanding facet of the program was the opportunity to form a 'virtual company' and to play the role of an expert from a specific discipline, contributing the appropriate strategy to the company’s success. Thanks for the superb hospitality and for memories that I will cherish for years to come."
Vijay Batra, Managing Director, Teva API India, Ltd


“The Executive Development Program (EDP) was the only program I looked at that addresses soft skills along with the hard ones, and it was the soft skills that I knew would help me perform better. To be a leader, you need to engage with employees, build a strong team, do cross-border business, report to a board, and communicate your vision and strategy to your team. You can read theories about how to do that in a book, but to really learn you need to practice. Wharton’s EDP is the only program that teaches you how, and then gives you the time and space to practice. It was by far the best executive education program I have done.”

Tim Aelen, Senior Vice President, ABN AMRO, The Netherlands


"The program was a great experience! As a senior executive, I don’t usually get the time to reflect on my role or receive the kind of feedback that I got from my peers in this program. I greatly appreciated having real-world professors and speakers — people like us who are living in the business world, not just basing their insights on theoretical or book knowledge."
Hong (Margaret) Chen, Director, Asia, Telefonica


"The Wharton EDP experience exceeded my expectations. The instructors, team simulation, programming, and facilities were all world-class and at the leading edge of business education. Importantly, the truly international and cross-industry make-up of the class enriched the diversity of thinking, requiring a global approach to problem solving. I was able to implement the new learning on day one when I returned to my job."
Matthew V. Petronio, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Just Born, Inc., Bethlehem, PA – US

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