Technology & Communication


Technology and communication firms like yours enjoy the digital advantage. But in a world of constant disruptive change, you need tech savvy coupled with insightful leadership and strategic agility. At Wharton Executive Education, we help make your investment in people pay off — creating custom education solutions that trigger transformative change and help you develop truly effective leaders.


Bridging the gap between engineering and business concepts is in our DNA. In 1946, the 17,480 vacuum tubes of the world's first general-purpose electronic computer — ENIAC — flickered to life in Penn's Moore School, and the information age was born. Wharton decision scientists were later among the leaders in “heuristics,” an important, computer-based, information-intensive alternative. Today, Wharton is a leader in providing high-level perspectives on technology management, from our multidisciplinary undergraduate program in technology and management, to our cutting-edge business intelligence and big data research center, the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. This type of management practice and leadership is what future leaders need to continue to innovate. With our technology expertise as the foundation, we design programs that focus on:

  • Business Acumen for Engineers
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Driven Innovation
  • Strategic Agility
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Leading Transformation
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  • Using Financial Information Intelligently
  • Managing Across Organizational Boundaries

Thought Leadership

Wharton Executive Education creates educational experiences that will transform the way your firm does business. In creating a custom engagement, we may draw on Wharton resources like these:

Mack Institute for Innovation Management

The Mack Institute for Innovation Management is an exclusive network that connects business leaders, researchers, world-class Wharton faculty, and students. At the Institute, thought leaders from across academic disciplines and industries come together to explore how companies survive, compete, and thrive through innovation management. The Institute’s multidisciplinary faculty and researchers develop practical approaches to managing innovation and share this knowledge through thought-provoking conferences, workshops, and publications. Visit the Institute's website »

Center for Leadership and Change Management

Increasingly, organizations worldwide must confront turbulent markets, demanding shareholders, and discerning customers, and many firms are restructuring to meet these challenges. Their success depends largely on the quality of leadership that exists at all levels of management. Dedicated to building a basic and practical understanding of leadership and change, the Center explores and communicates effective strategies for restructuring. Visit the Center's website »

SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management

The SEI Center seeks to identify and understand trends in management practice and their impact, and to design and implement research programs to meet the future needs of management. The results will provide both educational material for faculty and guidelines for corporate action. The Center conducts a series of workshops, conferences, and lectures for the exchange of knowledge and information to gain a better understanding of how successful enterprises will be organized and managed in the 21st century, and what these corporations should do today to prepare themselves. Visit the Center's website »

BizTech@Wharton Conference

BizTech@Wharton is a premier industry conference representing the latest thinking on the business of technology. Every year, hundreds of professionals from the industry’s most innovative and influential technology firms get up to date on leading strategies and business models through engaging sessions and networking opportunities. Visit the Center's website »

Tools & Solutions

Technology Solution

Google approached Wharton Executive Education to create a custom educational program for its high potential talents. In other industries, companies seek ways to include innovation in their business processes. At Google, innovation is the norm: leadership and foundational business principles are the higher-level skills that the company’s rising talent most often seeks to acquire. Wharton created a custom engagement made of two five-day residential modules led by Wharton faculty experts in marketing and finance. The participants were bright, highly motivated technical talents who excel at agile, creative decision making. The modules were designed to give these participants the academic foundations in leadership and governance that would allow Google to continue to rewrite the rules in American business.


  • Eric Bradlow, PhD

    The K.P. Chao Professor,Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative; Chairperson, Wharton Marketing Department, The Wharton School; Professor of Economics; Professor of Education, Professor of Statistics, University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interests: Marketing research methods, missing data problems, psychometricsSee Faculty Bio

  • Saikat Chaudhuri, DBA

    Adjunct Associate Professor of Management; Executive Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Mergers and acquisitions, organizational adaptation, outsourcing, technological innovationSee Faculty Bio

  • Harbir Singh, PhD

    Mack Professor of Management; Co-Director, Mack Institute for Innovation Management; Vice Dean for Global Initiatives, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Corporate governance, corporate restructuring, management buyouts, strategies for corporate acquisitionsSee Faculty Bio

  • Z. John Zhang, PhD

    Murrel J. Ades Professor, Professor of Marketing; Director, Penn | Wharton China Center, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Channel and retail management, pricing strategiesSee Faculty Bio