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Leading the Effective Sales Force

Jun 20, 2016 - Jun 24, 2016Philadelphia, PA$9,500
Oct 24, 2016 - Oct 28, 2016SingaporeSG$ 13,900
Mar 27, 2017 - Mar 31, 2017Fontainebleau, France€ 8,750

Program Overview

Sales force is a major growth engine for a firm, and critical source of market feedback. Yet, it is also a substantial investment — and one that can rapidly grow out of control. Stimulating the sales force while controlling costs is the balance you must achieve. In this course, you will learn how to cut costs while raising sales — by analyzing your sales calls, realigning territories, shifting product or market emphasis, reallocating salesperson time, and adjusting sales force size. You will explore how to motivate and compensate salespeople and third-party distribution channels through pay systems and organizational structures.

Impact & Experience

Leading the Effective Sales Force introduces you to practical tools, cutting-edge concepts, and effective sales management models derived from Wharton faculty's broad-based research and consulting experience. Through cases, group discussions, problem-solving exercises, computer-aided workshops, and interactive case presentations, you will explore various perspectives on what does and does not work — and why.

You will learn to:

  • Establish new ways to motivate and compensate your sales team.
  • Understand the interplay between corporate strategy and sales strategy.
  • Participate in a simulation that tests the long-term effectiveness of your strategy for major sales.

Leading the Effective Sales Force session topics may include:

  • Leading an Effective Sales Force
  • Designing and Implementing Compensation Strategies
  • Optimally Allocating Sales Resources
  • Measuring and Evaluating Sales Performance
  • Negotiating Quotas, Compensation, and Incentives
  • Tackling the Emerging Market Challenges
  • Business Strategy

Who Attends This Program

This program has attracted regional directors, managing directors, and vice presidents across industries ranging from telecom to pharmaceutical. It is ideal for those who spend at least 60% of their time managing some or all of a sales force. Titles of typical participants include:

  • General Managers with sales force responsibility
  • Sales Managers and Regional Managers who may be moving up in their organization
  • Managing Directors, Sales Directors, Vice Presidents, and Regional Managers with sales responsibilities

To further leverage the value and impact of Leading the Effective Sales Force, we encourage companies to send cross-functional teams of executives to Wharton. We offer group enrollment benefits to companies sending four or more participants to this program.


  • Leonard Lodish, PhD

    Academic Director

    Samuel R. Harrell Emeritus Professor; Leader and Co-founder, Global Consulting Practicum; Emeritus Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

    Research Interests: Marketing experimentation, marketing resource allocation, promotion and advertising decision supportSee Faculty Bio

  • V. Paddy Padmanabhan

    The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Marketing, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD-Singapore

    See Faculty Bio

Program Logistics

Tuition for Philadelphia programs includes lodging and meals. Prices are subject to change. Contact a member of the Wharton Executive Education Client Relations team for more information on course specifics and to discuss how this program can meet your professional development needs. Please contact them by email or by phone at +1.215.898.1776.

To apply for programs held in Singapore or Fontainebleau, please visit INSEAD's website.

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“The LSF program has been very valuable to me especially during the re-engineering of the route-to-market structure which I led in the Philippines early this year. The initial results have been amazing.”
Tommy Del Mar, National Sales & Trade Marketing Manager, Perfetti Van Melle


“As a global technology company, Xerox continues to invest not only in industry-leading products and services, but also in its motivated, highly trained sales team. This class was outstanding as it helped further strengthen my sales leadership. I've attended several business management courses, but this was the first directed to Executive Sales Management and taught by academic faculty. It was well worth my time.”
Toby Tobin, Vice President, Sales Operations, Mountain West Operations, Xerox


“Since I returned, we have been intensely reviewing and drafting changes to our sales model, applying some of the specific things that I learned at Wharton. One of the fundamental changes we made...was that we reduced the number of people helping our product-led services sales. We determined that it was only necessary to have a much smaller set of people supporting those sales and that the incremental amount of sales generated by all the additional people was so small that it did not justify the cost. Second, we refocused those resources on the services that would benefit from having additional sales resources.”
Ivan Bou, Sales Operation Manager, Global Technology Firm


“I was recently promoted to VP of Sales, and I know that the Wharton Executive Education course was a factor in the CEO’s decision!”
VP of Sales, Technology Firm


“Leading the Effective Sales Force was quite an experience, and my take-away has given me plenty to work on in the next few months that I can implement into my sales force. It was hands down the best class I have ever taken, and I thought your presentations to the group, along with your other colleagues, was second to none.”
Manager of Sales, Financial Services Firm

View all programs within: Business Acumen, Marketing & Sales

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