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Wharton/JSF Travel & Tourism Innovation Program

Program Overview

Becoming a Driver of Transformation in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism today is in a state of constant change driven by fewer barriers to travel, a global appetite to uncover new places to visit, and a desire to be connected. To thrive in this global industry travel and tourism leaders need a strategic-from which management vision and an innovation mindset. Wharton/JSF Travel & Tourism Innovation Program gives you a strategic view of innovation, where you can apply the latest thinking to create new business models, improve the travel experience, and open new markets.

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Program Highlights & Benefits

The Travel & Tourism Innovation Program will:

  • Provide you with a strategic framework and insight on how to focus on the value innovation process to create long-term value for customers
  • Equip you with a robust innovation toolkit that you can immediately apply to your product development strategy
  • Deliver broader insights that will transform how you design innovation processes
  • Connect you with thought-leading Wharton faculty, innovation leaders and peers in the travel and tourism industry, offering unparalleled opportunities to broaden your network

Contact Us

To enroll, please contact: Almudena Hernández, +34 871 159 983, admissions@jsftraveltourism.org.
JSF Travel & Tourism School

Dates TBD

Tuition for this program in San Francisco includes lodging and meals. Prices are subject to change.
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