Larry Huston

Managing Director, 4INNO; Former Vice President of Innovation, Procter & Gamble

About Larry:

When he was at P&G, Larry Huston led the company's "Connect and Develop" strategy that sourced 50 percent of the company's new product and service innovations from outside P&G. This business model approach to innovation has been commented on extensively by the business press and was featured in his article with Nabil Sakkab in Harvard Business Review ("Connect and Develop," March 2006). Huston's experience at P&G includes creating the CEO's Innovation Leadership Team, serving as innovation leader for P&G's $14 billion Global Fabric and Homecare business, and creating and leading P&G's new "Discontinuity Bootcamp" operation, an approach for creating disruptive innovations. He also led the effort to implement a transnational innovation model at P&G which led to a dramatic reduction in global launch speeds around the world.