Kathy Pearson, PhD

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania; President, Enterprise Learning Solutions

About Kathy:

Kathy Pearson is a strategist, systems thinking expert, and authority in decision making. She is president and founder of Enterprise Learning Solutions, an adjunct senior fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, and has served as an adjunct associate professor in the Operations, Information and Decisions Department at the Wharton School, both at the University of Pennsylvania. An award-winning educator, Kathy works extensively with mid- to senior-level executives, including high potentials and executive teams, teaching on a variety of topics including critical thinking, strategic agility, change management, and strategic execution. Kathy received her BS degree in theoretical mathematics from Auburn University, her MS degree in decision sciences from Georgia State University, and her PhD in industrial engineering (concentration in statistics) from Northwestern University.

Executive Education Programs Taught

ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking Program
An educational partnership between Wharton and the American Bankers Association, this three-year program will arm you with the necessary leadership skill training to effectively recognize and handle high-level management issues.

Happiness & Positivity Program
The program will equip UAE private sector employees with intuitive and practical skills necessary to become the drivers of happiness and positivity in their respective organizations and beyond.

LMC: Advancing Business Acumen
This program provides business insights to help high-potential managers in the construction industry, so they can improve their financial acumen and organizational collaboration.

Penn Executive Veterinary Leadership Program: Making an Impact as a Global Health Leader
This program designed for veterinarians who seek to contribute at a high level to the maintenance and promotion of global public health for animals and humans. This program helps veterinarians refine their leadership skills and get involved in the most pressing global issues: zoonotic diseases, food security, disaster preparedness, poverty, and others.

Physician Leadership Academy
Physician Leadership Academy, offered in partnership with Deloitte Consulting, will facilitate the journey from physician leader to enterprise leader. This program consisting of three non-consecutive modules combines in-person learning with individual feedback and coaching, mentoring from successful physician leaders, and peer support.

Private Wealth Management
Experience the rigorous Wharton wealth management curriculum in a confidential setting with other affluent families. High net worth investors from more than 50 countries have attended this five-day program offered in conjunction with the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) since 1999.

RMA/Wharton Advanced Risk Management Program
This program provides executives in banking and related fields with analytical frameworks, strategies, and resources for measuring, managing, and monitoring risk.

Creating and Implementing Strategy for Competitive Advantage
Learn to accurately assess the competition, design a compelling strategy, leverage your firm’s capabilities to full advantage, and obtain necessary resources through alliances, acquisitions, and internal corporate ventures.

The CFO: Becoming a Strategic Partner
This program helps you refine your leadership style, communicate your financial knowledge to other leaders, and make a greater contribution to strategy development and value creation in your organization.

The Strategic Decision-Making Mindset
There’s an art and science to making strategic business decisions. Explore the best practices and behaviors that lead to good decision-making habits. Learn how to effectively use critical thinking in business and gain a deeper understanding of the role personal judgment and emotions play in the decision-making process.

Business Essentials for Executives
Drawing on key faculty and content from Wharton’s top-ranked MBA program, this program introduces you to the fundamentals every successful manager needs in marketing, finance, strategy, negotiations, and leadership.

Wharton Nursing Leaders Program
The primary focus of this program is to assist nursing leaders in the effective management and implementation of strategic and tactical plans. The program includes identifying the key stakeholders and influencing their behavior, learning to manage resources, and knowing when to terminate a task force or project.