Business Acumen

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If you want to stay current, if you want to stay relevant, absolutely take part in Wharton’s executive development programs.”
— Jacqueline Martin, a director of marketing and business development

Whether you need to refresh some existing business skills or quickly develop new ones, Wharton has the right program for your specific need. Our Business Acumen programs, in areas such as Finance, Marketing, and Strategy, are rigorous, practical, and designed for a high level of engagement with our world-class faculty. And, they have one focus — on educating you.

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CPD Recipient: Jovelle Fernandez, MD, PhD, Head, Medical Governance and Assurance at GlaxoSmithKline

Wharton is renowned for its expertise in finance. We understand the intricacies and implications that effect corporate finance, portfolio management, and international finance. Our programs are rigorous and designed for a high level of engagement with our world-class faculty.

Analytical, theoretical, yet practical — Wharton’s marketing programs empower marketers and non-marketers alike to understand, reach, and influence consumers. Our faculty expertise and research explore branding, customer-centricity, analytics, marketing innovation, and pricing strategies.

An effective strategy must be at the core of an organization striving to maintain competitive advantage. Our programs will enhance your ability to create and lead strategies that will achieve your organization’s desired outcomes and drive growth for your business.

Finance & Wealth Management

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Strategy & Innovation

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Download the Program Calendar for Individuals today